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Theo asked:

I heard there was gonna be a remix to "I Get Money" by 50 Cent with Diddy and Jay-Z. Any idea if it's true?

Like you say, there are some rumors floating around that 50 Cent might be putting together a Forbes remix (my term for it) to "I Get Money" that would feature Jay-Z and Diddy (and maybe Kanye). If you remember, Jay-Z, 50 and Diddy were the top 3 in Forbes recent hip hop money makers list.

Despite the fact that 50 is saying he doesn't like Diddy or Jay (i.e., they're not all friends), I'd love to see this happen. I like "I Get Money" a lot and adding Jay-Z and Diddy to it (I'm a Jay fan and you all know how big a Diddy fan I am) would be awesome. Will it happen? Who knows? It's a rumor, so keep it like that.

I'm touching base with people trying to find out if there is any truth to it at all. Bad Boy PR has no idea, but "wouldn't be surprised." An e-mail to Universal Music (PR behind 50's new album) has not been responded to, yet, and I'm off to contact Diddy's publicist now. I'll let you know if I hear back.