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Here's a recap of the live after show on They mentioned that Donnie was the top vote getter online. He said that he won't let anyone down. And he apologizes once more for speaking out of turn to Diddy. Diddy tells him it's fine, but jokingly says that he's got something for him.

Diddy, the guys and the judges walk into the room with the family. As he walks, Diddy fields an online question: have you spoken to Laurie Ann and would you let her work with the guys? He says no, he hasn't spoken with her. He's seen her, but hasn't spoken with her. He doesn't hold any grudges and he would give her a job, if she would come in a respectful way. If he was going into her house, he would show her respect. So, he expects that same respect back. He knows how to work for people and how to work in a team. So, he felt like that wasn't happening. Makes sense.

When they arrive in the room with the family, Diddy says that they should be proud of all of them because the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. Sway asks Michael if they can still call him Big Mike. He says that they can call him whatever, he'll still be sexy, so just put sexy in front of it. They all giggle.

Robert's mom says that she wasn't upset when Diddy asked him to cut his hair. It just enhances him, she says. Willie's mom is emotional. Next, Sway brings up Carlos. He says that he's been good, just waiting on the baby to come (due any day). He says that he's working on a solo album.

Brian comes up and he's talking to his mom. His sister and wife is with him. Brian says that he feels like he's dreaming and he doesn't want to wake up. Q comes up next with his mom and cousin. Sway asks them if they always knew he'd make the band. His mom says that she was nervous.

They talk with Dyshon and Sway asks him what happens next. He says that he'll keep doing what he's been doing - working in the studio. Slam comes up next and says that Diddy made it official, they're going out tonight. Danity Kane, the band, everyone. Diddy's got the titanium black card out, he says.

Donnie comes out and introduces his mom and dad. His dad stands back behind the two. His mom says how thankful she is to Diddy. They close it out to head to the after party. We see Harve Pierre is in the building and someone (maybe Joc) says Bad Boy South. And it's a wrap.