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To begin the episode, we see the guys saying how they're confident, how they're gonna make it, etc. etc. and then Diddy says that he's going to make the band. We see this image come up on a big screen in Times Square outside of the MTV studios with a big crowd below. Some of the people in the crowd are holding up signs that promote "Hustlenomics".

After the theme song ends, we are in the MTV studios with all 10 guys singing "End of the Road" in front of a crowd. After they finish, Sway comes in and introduces each contestant. Sway says that they'll be surprise guests and that Diddy is going to be elimating people all show long. We get a quick recap of what has happened up until this point.

Back to the MTV studio with all of the guys seated and Sway asking them questions. They're all wearing the same outfit. A black suit with a white shirt. But, of course, Dyshon has to do what he cane to stand out different from the group and he has his white shirt untucked and sticking out of his jacket.

We see that some of the singers' families, friends, etc. are in a room there at MTV. Carlos (the one that was eliminated) is there. We see Diddy backstage and Sway says that after the commercial break, Diddy is going to be eliminating one of the guys.

After the break, Sway introduces the Dream Team. Michael Bivins, Bryan Cox, Ankh Ra and Slam. And then a new choreographer, Jamaica. (Yes, a new female chereographer). Then Diddy is announced and comes out, hyping the crowd. At this point, I notice that the guys are out of their suits and into jeans and t-shirts and the like.

Sway asks about what happened last episode when Diddy walked off. Diddy says that he changed his mind and, being Diddy, he had the opportunity to leave it on a cliffhanger. Sway asks if he couldn't make up his mind then, what can they do to make the band now? Diddy says that they are all incredible and that this has been one of the best groups of young men that he's worked with and that someone is going to get it tonight - that they are gonna make a band tonight. They now move to fan questions.

The first question is via web cam, asking if he is really as crazy as he appears on TV. Diddy says that they see a true side, but at the same time, he does want to give them good TV, since they are watching TV, so he pushes the crazy side sometimes. But, he finishes by saying yeah, he's that crazy. Jasmine from the audience wants to ask Mike a question and not Diddy. They laugh and she says that Diddy looks good, but she wants to ask Mike a question. So, she asks Mike something about his weight and Mike reveals that he's lost 14 more pounds since the last episode.

Next, we see a series of humorous clips from the season, which includes stuff that wasn't included in the episodes. Qwanell, Carlos and others get together to play a prank on the other guys telling them that, at 3 AM, Diddy is here. They need to get to the 14th floor and do their show. The guys get there and a couple of them are mad, "that's not funny."

The next morning (I guess), we see some guys up and we see that Q is still asleep. So, they say they need to get him back. Willie goes in and dumps water on him. To which Q says that it's on. Q then gets a bucket of water and chases Brian H., finally hitting him. Those two trade buckets of water and water balloons.

The first round is now. Diddy tells them to take their time and enjoy the moment. Sway says that the 10 guys have been broken up into groups of 5. Diddy says that they will both be asked to sing the same song. Donnie, Robert, Qwannel, Dyshon and DeAngelo are the first group. Before they start, Diddy asks for a close up and takes his glasses off, joking around in reference to what he did in an earlier episode, where he said that the ladies requested that he keep his glasses off.

So, the group starts singing. I'm not sure what song it is or if it's new for them. A quick search of Google for the lyrics leaves me with nothing. They seem to do fine. Jeremy, Brian A., Brian H., Willie and Michael make up the second group. Diddy's enjoying the show as the judges are all on their feet. Just like the first group, they look good. It's time for a tough cut.

Before the cut, Diddy says that he's real proud of them and asks for a round of applause. He asks the booth (producers, etc., I presume) if they are ready for him to make the cut. They give him the OK, I presume and he continues. He says that he thinks that, for the other record labels out there, this young man would make a better solo artist. He stops the audience when they say "aw", telling them that he'll be a star. Dyshon is named. He gets surrounded by the guys who hug him and then, he exits.

Immediately after the show, they'll be a live aftershow at where Sway will have the first official interview with the new band.

Diddy says that round 2 is going to see the guys doing a ballad version of "Exclusive" (the MTB theme song). The first to sing is DeAngelo, followed by Qwanell, Robert and Willie. All of the guys sing at some point, individually and together. Donnie is seated at the piano the whole time and sings from that position.

It's time to make another cut. Diddy says that this person has one of the best voices, but doesn't fit in with the chemistry of the group, of what he's putting together. It's Brian from Tallahasee - Diddy corrects himself and says Jacksonville. This is Brian H. It's a quick, sad moment as it hits him. Diddy seems a little bothered as well as Sway remarks that he knows it's tough for him to make these decisions. Like Dyshon, Brian is surrounded by the other guys and they say some things that make him laugh. He waves good bye and Diddy says that they are making a band and this is part of the process.

Before a break, Sway says that the ladies of Danity Kane are going to be on soon and they'll have a performance from Yung Joc. I look at the clock and see that it's 10:42. We've got 4 guys to cut in 18 minutes. And Danity Kane. And Yung Joc. And a performance from the new band, I'm guessing? Wow.

Diddy talks about how it's tough and to say hello to the bad guy. Don't be mad at him, he says - this is part of the process. The group they put together is gonna make history. Danity Kane is brought out. All of them, including Aubrey, give Diddy a hug. Diddy takes a moment to address the break up rumors, simply saying that they are here together and are headed back into the studio for their new album coming at the top of the year. He also mentions that they'll be putting a Making the Band tour together - the girls and the guys. This had crossed my mind, as well, and is a great idea.

Dawn offers some advice to the guys, saying that no matter what happens, they'll be better off for it. The girls then say that Diddy was harder on them. D. Woods tells them to enjoy this moment and give it their all. Yung Joc will perform after the break. Diddy says it twice: his album is in stores Tuesday.

Flanked by Gorilla Zoe (who performs his verse), Yung Joc performs "Coffee Shop". It's a solid performance, but they cut out right as the third verse starts. Sway says that after the break, Diddy will be making the band. When the break ends, we've got 2 minutes to go and 4 cuts to go.

Before starting the final challenge, Diddy thanks everyone for supporting Bad Boy, Sean John, MTB, etc. The final challenge is this: Diddy asks the guys to back up and he is gonna call their name and ask them to step up. The first person he names is Q. Then Donnie. Then Brian. Then Big Mike. His mic dies midway through that and Sway hands him his. He asks Donnie to stand back and Willie to step up. Diddy stops to talk with Bivins. And then has Mike and Q step back and Jeremy step up. He asks the rest to move back so that he can see them. He has DeAngelo step up and then Donnie to step up into the middle of them. Then he asks everyone to step back.

Diddy now says that he just had a premonition - he's going to make a 5 man group. It's going to be the biggest group in the world, so it may as well be a 5 man group. Sway says that they need to bring it to a finale and Diddy asks the crowd if they are ready to make a band. Before he starts naming names, he says that if he doesn't call your name, God bless - you're gonna be a force someday. The first name he calls...


Diddy says, you're a Bad Boy now and your life has changed. Robert is emotional.

He continues, the next person has been so consistent and he deserves to make the band as he has a special voice. He names...


Moving forward, he says that the next guy has had the most growth from beginning to end. That is...


Next, Diddy says that we're running out of time, so we're gonna make it quick. He's calling the next person swagger because he's got a lot of swagger.


Finally, one more name to go. Diddy gives it away when he says that this man has lost over 50 pounds...

Michael is the final member of the band. DeAngelo, Donnie and Jeremy don't make it.

Diddy says again, welcome to Bad Boy.

But, wait, as Sway leans down to someone off screen, Diddy interrupts him and says not to say that. He has something to say. He says that this artist didn't make it and is getting a solo deal on Bad Boy. It's Donnie! I kinda called that.

As they rush to close out the show, Diddy says that they are gonna have a new season of MTV with them making the album. You can watch the after show on