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From an interview with LAist:

You ghostwrote on Diddy's Press Play, was it difficult writing for someone so famous? How did that gig come along?

It was great, it was a challenge. It was scary, it was new territory for me which is why I took the opportunity to get behind the scenes. I got to see what its like for a million dollar mogul to put a record together opposed to how I would do it. I got to see what a producer offers someone like Diddy opposed to what they would do for me, you know it was little things like that that were educational but also I got to learn a lot about work ethics. I saw we both we have the same kind of work ethics but at the same time we’re different, and I am learning how to incorporate those things that he does into my own hustle. Work ethics of great businessmen like Diddy or a Bill Gates are different from say a talented prodigy. Prodigies have all the talent but sometimes lack the hustle, and that’s why you’ll hear a girl on the radio who doesn’t have half the talent as the girl who sings in your church, but the one on the radio had that extra something to get her there.

Hearing him say “Yo your work ethic is incredible,” meant a lot to me since he’s worked with a lot of artists and been around so many talented people. This doesn’t have anything to do with people’s perspective of him, you know the way people blame him for the downfall of urban music or what have you, I’m just talking about what it was like to be alongside him every day in the studios, it was just so educational.