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From the press release:

The Tricks & Triumphs of Success: How to Make Power Moves Without Sacrificing Your Spirituality--on July 14 at the Doubletree Hotel (1515 Rhode Island Avenue) in Washington, DC features keynote Derek Ferguson of Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide and addresses several major concerns including: making power moves without selling your soul, what happens when you're rich and miserable, tips for succeeding without compromising your integrity, how to be a Godly example without saying a word, and money, power, and legacy building in the church and community.

Derek Ferguson is the Chief Financial Officer of the Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group ("BBWEG") including Bad Boy Records, Justin's Restaurants, Blue Flame Marketing, Sean John Clothing, Daddy's House Recording, Bad Boy Films, Janice Combs Publishing, Janice Combs Management, Janice Combs Music and Daddy's House Social Programs--generating over $300mm. Mr. Ferguson is responsible for business development, business planning and forecasting, and the financial operations of the Bad Boy family of companies. Mr. Ferguson is a 1990 graduate of Harvard Business School, and one of the youngest graduates of Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

To find out more, or to purchase a ticket ($60.00), check out the Better Living Series website.