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I just finished watching Access Granted. Just some random thoughts, details and reaction...

I like the video. I'd say it's my favorite B5 video thus far, actually. It centers around a mock B5 dance rehearsal in an industrial area with cut scenes of them singing and dancing in front of cars, with ladies, with Bow Wow and in computer generated scenes/backgrounds. Bow Wow does his verses similarly - mostly either with B5 or around/in a car with a girl. Yung Joc had a quick cameo in it, as well.

Kevin Wales talked about how he discovered B5 and how they reminded him of New Edition, the Jackson 5 and ABC. He called Diddy his "go to guy" - whenever he gets something he thinks is hot, he goes to Diddy. Diddy fell in love with B5 and they were signed. According to Bow Wow, Diddy called him up to do the track, saying that they needed him on the record.