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Diddy opens the show saying that it's almost time to make a band. He's not sure what he's gonna do, but he's brought in a couple of people to help him decide. First, Jamal (new choreographer) will have them dance. Then, producer Bryan Cox will take them into the studio to see how they do there.

Brian A. and Michael both talk about how they're picking up the steps. Julius has to sit out, of course, and is bummed out. Brian says that they are picking it up because Jamal's really breaking it down. They seem to do well. Donnie talks with Jamal about being the white boy... and Jamal says that he needs to get it right in his mind and be confident. Jamal helps him and Donnie thanks him.

We see Julius having a conversation with his girlfriend. She pep talks him and leaves him in better spirits than when he started the conversation.

The next day, we're at Daddy's House. Bryan Cox is in the studio (Jack Knight is here, as well). It'll be the contestants first time recording in a studio during the show. They're going to give them a song to sing. It's the Making the Band theme song. They are gonna take it home, get it down and then come back and record. He mentions Diddy will be here Monday - so, they have 1 day.

We switch back to them at the house with all of them working on the song. They seem to be doing fine while some of them talk about how hot the track is.

DeAngelo and Carlos both have babies on the way. They're showing off pictures of the ultrasounds. Carlos talks about how his Dad wasn't around, how his Dad had no pictures of him. Carlos says that it's going to be different with him and his son. Carlos heads home to visit his girl and take her out. He takes a picture from the home to put near his bed at the band house. He talks about how he wants a family, how he wants to get married and do it all the right away.

DeAngelo goes in to a barber shop to get his braids shaved off clean. He's been growing them for 6 years, he says, but Diddy has told him that he's not really seeing it. So, off they go. He's not really into it because he's used to how he was. But, back at the house, the guys say that he looks much better.

They are back at Daddy's House now to record the track. We see Willie first, then Brian H., DeAngelo, Dyshon, Michael, Donnie, Carlos, Jeremy, Robert and Julius. Jeremy is made to re-sing a specific part. Robert kills it, if the look in Bryan Cox's face is any indication. However, Julius has a tough time with his pitch and is called out of the booth.

Cox decides who he wants to sing each part of the song. Dyshon will sing the first verse. Brian A. will sing the first B verse. Willie will sing the second verse and then he'll have Robert and Mike both sing the "second verse" (maybe he means second B verse? not sure) to see whose he likes better. They all sing their parts with Cox clearing digging both Michael and Robert. Cox explained to the other guys that they may be a terrific singer in a group, but they may not sing on 7 songs. That's just the way it works. Julius talks about how he doesn't think he's getting the same chances as the others because he got hurt.

Back at the house, Donnie is working on dancing. He says that Q is the best dancer in the house, so Donnie is gonna ask him for help. Those 2 and Carlos head to New York Sports Clubs to work on it. Carlos calls his girlfriend, Josera. She tells him that the hospital left a message saying that she needs to come in because something is wrong. Carlos breaks down and tells her that whatever it is, they'll get through it.

Back at NYSC with Jamal for the final rehearsal. Donnie is feeling more confident since Q helped him. Jamal splits them up into groups and they dance. Donnie picks it up and Jamal is impressed. Julius is in the next group, in pain. He's hurting and they have to stop mid routine. Back at the house, Julius is discouraged and Robert is trying to talk him up.

Carlos calls Josera the next day and she tells him that they said that the baby might have Down Syndrome. He breaks down again, but she sounds like she's holding up well and she's got to go back in. Someone is on the way to the hospital to be with her. She says good bye.

They are going to perform live at Spotlight for Diddy. Diddy is surrounded by judges (Jamal, Michael Bivins, Ankh Ra, Bryan Cox and Slam). Diddy is looking at dance, vocals and past performance - everything counts.

Q's group is first. They stop Carlos in the middle because he's not dancing with his hands. He doesn't seem to know the hand movements like the others. The next group is Donnie's. Diddy and Bivins laugh as Mike dances. He's doing well. The group as a whole does well and Diddy says so. Jeremy's group (with Julius is next). Julius finishes in pain and Diddy has them do it again. They finish and Julius makes it through.

Diddy brings everyone out and asks them if they know the song. They nod. So, he brings up Robert to sing the first verse and Brian to sing the second. They do well. Willie and Q are next. DeAngelo (who gives Diddy a look at his head, which passes Diddy's approval) and Brian H. follow. Carlos sings next and Diddy stops him and asks him if he knows the first verse. He says he does... he doesn't know what happened. So, Diddy says, OK and his turn is over. After him, Dyshon, Jeremy, Donnie, Michael and Julius, who keeps missing words. Diddy stops him after he misses them over and over again. The contestants clap for Julius, but Diddy tells them not to - Julius has been here too long to drop the ball.

The judges and Diddy gather at a table looking over head shots. Diddy tells each judge to pick their group. This is how it goes:

Michael, Willie, Robert, Donnie

Robert, Brian A, Willie, Donnie

Robert, Jeremy, Brian A., Qwanell

Ankh Ra
Robert, Jeremy, Brian A., Qwanell

Robert, Willie, Donnie, Qwanell

All of the guys are brought out on stage. Diddy says that he's been doing MTB for 4 years and this is the first cut that is really going to hurt him. They all deserve to make it. It's not a fair cut, he says, but that's life. He's going to name people who have made it to the next round. He names:

Big Mike (Diddy tells him to, in a healthy way, lose at least 5-6 pounds a week)
Brian Andrews
Brian Harris

2 more names to go.


1 more name to go.


He has them give themselves a round of applause. Carlos and Julius are headed home. Everyone who has made it is going to be sent home for 2 months. When they come back, he wants them to be superstars The next cut after this - he will be making a group.

Julius comes back at the house, saying that he can't wait to see his girl, who he talks to on the phone. Carlos brings his girl into the house to help him get ready to go. Whatever happens with the child, they're gonna be there, he says.

Donnie calls his mom and tells her that he's coming home. But, he doesn't tell her that it's only for 2 months. He leads her on for a bit until he finally comes completely clean. He gets her and she says that he could "tie [her] to a freaking grave right now."

The guys talk about how they are gonna keep working during the break. Michael says that when he comes back, expect 20-25 pounds to be gone. He might come back with a six pack, "you never know." :)

Next episode: This is the season finale. The guys are assembled in front of Michael Bivins who tells them that they will be opening for New Edition in 48 hours. From there, it's mainly judging drama with various assortments of the guys standing in front of Diddy.