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B5 manager Jim McMahan dropped this bomb in the B5 forums:

B5's access granted is thurs july 5th as we are told by the label !! B5 should be on 106 & park next week to deliver their "Hydrolic" video and we need all of you to vote to make it #1!!!! We had a 40+ city tour with Aly & Aj scheduled for the summer and the label insisted that B5 do the "Scream Tour"! we passed on aly & aj's tour and now are told that "TI" has decided B5 shouldnt be on the tour. We dont agree but its not our decision. So at this point B5 has no schedule yet! I will let you know soon on what the schedule will be! Probably aug-sept promo tour.

It's a shame that happened as it'll make it harder to promote their album. But, that's how it works sometimes, I guess. If "Hydrolics" is a hit, though - they shouldn't have a problem setting up a new tour.