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Laurie Ann was kicked off/left Making the Band 4 in last night's episode. I watched the replay of it probably 15-20 times so that I could accurately describe the scene in my entry, so I thought that I would sit down and put some thoughts out there.

First of all, I have to say that I've found Laurie Ann a fair bit annoying this season. It's TV and it's entertainment, but she seemed to be overdoing it for the camera way more than anyone else. So, assuming it's not one big publicity stunt, I think this was building up.

Earlier in the show, she's the only judge we see to shout out praise. After Dan performs, she says "yes!" loud enough so that everyone can hear it. Michael Bivens laughs and says "no favorites". Diddy tells her not to do it - the performance wasn't even hot according to him - and he'll edit her out. She tells him he can't edit her out because there would be no show. lol. Really? After he tells her not to get beside herself, she tells him he can gab all he wants. (?!) And he tells her she needs to leave. I agree with this - she's pretty clearly stepped over a line here and has become disrespectful. But, after she exits, Diddy sends Slam after her to bring her back.

So, she brings the boys in to practice routines like 9 hours before they are supposed to be cut. She doesn't seem to practice much and expects them to just get right into the routine. So... they don't do very well and she's angry and she rips into them pretty much over and over again with rare exceptions. When Jonathan tells her he wants to quit, she tells him to go - and then mocks him on the way out. I guess she was trying to get the other guys pumped, but I don't think it worked.

So, the cut comes and Diddy is frustrated with their inability to perform. He tells all of them to go outside and then conferences with Bivens and Gibson. Diddy asks her how long she's been working with them. She says just since today. Diddy says that he thought she was working with them since the weekend? She says no... this was the test (to see if they could pick it up quickly). But, Diddy continues, that's not what he said to do. This would mean that he told her that she was supposed to be working with them in advance of the cut, not on the day of the cut. Now, Diddy is heading to a cut without the information he needs.

Diddy mentions that they can get another choreographer and Laurie Ann raises her hand, asking if she can interject. He says no. She continues to talk and he again tells her no interjection. She continues... I'm not taking any interjection, he says. She keeps trying to talk over him. This is where he says "I'm psycho for real" and then he says "and so am I" and then he tells her to "get the f*** out" and she says "great, with pleasure" and turns to leave.

Now, as she walks away, she throws a remark at Michael Bivens. Something about not being able to pick 4 counts out of 8. I have no idea what that means, but it didn't sound like a complement. So, then Diddy tells her that she is being disrespectful. She says to someone (I guess) to get her out of here and Diddy repeats, she's being disrespectful. Cut the cameras off, he says. And our view is now thrown to out where the guys are waiting and listening.

We hear some of the exchange. Laurie is still talking and she ends a sentence with "you and your corny show". She probably said something about them disrespecting her because it sounds like Diddy says "you ain't ever seen disrespectful". She then yells "whatever, whatever" and "you don't scare me". Then someone (again, it sounds like Diddy, who has finally had enough, apparently), says "yo, Laurie Ann, get the f*** out of here you dumb b****" and then we see another camera view from the side of the room where Diddy, Bivens and Laurie Ann are. Laurie Ann is headed to the door and Bivens is following her saying "this is crazy, you're supposed to have respect".

Diddy, meanwhile, is walking in the opposite direction and it sounds like he says something like "you're being disrespectful, you dumb b****, get the f*** out of here." He sits down at a table on the opposite side of the room while Bivens continues to follow Laurie Ann, saying something like... she's supposed to a sister, why isn't she showing him/them any respect? Something like that. As she walks through the door, he says "why are you acting like this? hold up (as she's leaving)" Laurie walks out the door, saying "Michael, I'm done." And that's all we see. No chair throwing.

Before I continue, I do want to say that nothing that we saw there really has anything to do with mistreatment of women or anything like that. I've seen some comments here or there, so I wanted to clear that up. Two people with two strong view points went off and there was cursing, name calling and all sorts of stuff. But, to say it was because of their sexes would be to read into it unfairly, I believe.

From everything we saw, Laurie Ann simply went too far here. Not only in drawing attention to herself and saying they're would be no show without her - but by apparently circumventing Diddy's authority. If he says to work with them from the weekend, you work with them from the weekend. You don't invent tests (assuming that's what happened). When he tells you not to interject 2-3 times, don't interject. Especially when you already went against one thing he said. It's his show and his record label. You are there to advise as requested. Not to speak out of turn and interject a view whenever you want or to hijack the show.

Both her and Diddy went off, like I said and that is really the only issue I have with Diddy here. He should have kept his cool and simply told her to leave. If she didn't leave, have someone escort her out. People get upset, but to get into cursing and name calling isn't what you want to do. At the same time, it makes for good TV, which is what this could all be about.