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The episode starts with Diddy saying that they need to let men be men. Let them box, play some basketball, etc. So, the guys get out to the park and play some ball. Losers have to "run suicides" according to Qwannel. They're playing one on one. First one to score 2 points wins.

Curtiss vs. Dan is the first match. Dan wins 2-0.

Andrae vs. Brian H. Andrae wins 2-0.

Robert vs. Willie. Willie wins 2-1.

The 3 losers have to run around the court until the other games have finished.

Eric vs. Michael. Michael wins 2-0.

Qwanell vs. Jonathan. In confessional, both of them basically say they can't play. After many missed shots, Qwanell wins, it looks like. All we see is him score 1 basket.

Jonathan is made to run and he complains. His heard is throbbing, he's lucky to be standing up, he's about to pass out, etc. etc. So, he walks around while the others run. They finish, Bivins talks a bit and Jonathan talks to one of the guys about how he's about to black out, as they leave.

Next, Qwanell talks about Laurie Ann a bit. He says that he loves her and she's so beautiful and how it turns him on when she sounds mad. He says he's in love with her... if he was just a little older. Carlos can only nod and smirk.

Next up, they head to a boxing academy. They are accompanied by Bivins again. Qwannel says that he can't fight. Curtiss vs. Dan is the first match. Dan jokes that Curtiss is huge and he's gonna get killed. Sure enough - Dan hangs tough, but Curtiss has the size advantage. This is followed with Carlos vs. Armando, Donnie vs. Jeremy and Brian A. vs. Julius. They are fighting their partners. Michael vs. Eric is next and Michael does well with Eric remarking that Mike can move and his punches - they hurt. Next: Willie vs. Robert. Willie pretty much has his way with him.

Qwanell vs. Jonathan. Jonathan has never been in a boxing ring and never worn boxing gloves, he says. Jonathan says that him and Q "had the talk" where they said they are gonna go soft and make it look like they are trying hard. Then, Jonathan says that Q gets in the ring and "goes crazy on my head." lol. Q drops Jonathan and causes a nosebleed. Jonathan says he wants to continue, but it's clear that he can't... Q sees that he's just doing it because he wants to be in the band like him, so he doesn't punch him, just hugs him. And then Jonathan says, in private, that he's not really feeling this anymore.

Next, we see a phone conversation with Jonathan and his mom and his mom says "that's ridiculous" and that he's there for a singing competition. She tells him that the guys need to get up and make their own determinations. (LOL). How's this for a determination? Go home. She tells him that he needs to make his own determination and that he needs to think about it.

Next, we see them headed to SIR Studios to sing for Diddy with judges Michael Bivins, Laurie Ann, Bryan Cox and Slam on hand. Brian A. is first and he gets stopped and Diddy asks him if he's OK because he sounds horrible. They say to put down the mic and his turn is over. Andrae is next. After he's done, Diddy asks him what that was... was it the remix? Dan is next and he seems to do a good job. Laurie Ann yells "yes!" and Bivins tells her "no favorites" and laughs. Diddy tells her not to make comments like that again and that it's not really even hot. He remarks that he'll edit her out. She says that he can't edit her out because there would be "no show." She's getting a little annoying. She tells him that he can gab all he wants. He tells her not to get beside herself and she keeps talking, so Diddy tells her that she needs to leave. She exits. But, after he leaves, Diddy sends Slam after her to bring her back. Slam returns with her.

The next thing we see is them headed to the New York Sports Clubs during the day to work on some dance moves with Laurie Ann. She says that they only have one day to get these moves down and Diddy will be making cuts tonight. She apparently doesn't practice much, she just gets into it. Jonathan is having a tough time. He talks about how he's feeling even more now that this is not for him. She says that they are gonna do cuts in 6 hours. Jonathan tells Laurie Ann that he is not going to do it. He just says that he is gonna step out now because he knows that others want this more than him. She tells him to pack his stuff and go and then mocks him a bit on the way out, saying that one *beep* (not sure what she said) "don't stop no show". She gets mad when he shakes someone's hand, saying that he (Curtiss?) should have punched Jonathan in the face.

After working more and getting frustrated, she sits them all down to the side and has them go one by one with her. Eric says that it takes some getting used to - apparently, he hasn't done much of this before. Donnie is next and he performs well... though she's not really a fan of the routine, it seems. But, she says that she can't say anything negative because he committed and believed in it.

Julius is doing a routine and all of a sudden after making a turn, he throws his arms up and yells. He's hurt his knee and he's in a lot of pain. He sits in a corner crying while Laurie Ann says that it feels like it's out of it's socket. They call an ambulance and he heads to the hospital, saying "I don't want to go home". He returns to the house saying that he has a sprained ligament with fluid around the area where he sprained it. His knee is wrapped and he is on crutches. It doesn't look good.

They get in a van and head to cuts at the New York Sports Clubs. Laurie Ann and Bivins are there. Laurie Ann yells at them to wake up as there is a cut tonight. Diddy arrives. Diddy stops the the first group (Armando, Andrae and someone else) shortly into their routine and says "if y'all don't know, none of y'all can dance." He tells them to stand over there in the "can't dance" section. A new group comes up (with Q, Brian A., Robert and someone else) and he tells those 4 to go to the can't dance section, as well. Dan, Donnie, Curtis and Carlos are next. He puts 2 of them (one of which is Dan) in the "maybe" can dance section and he puts Donnie and someone else in the can't dance section. As Donnie turns to walk, he says "really?" And that stops everything for a second as Diddy is like what? What was that? Did you say really to me? Donnie doesn't say anything, simply saying that he's been working really hard.

Another group, including Dyshon, Michael and two others, dance and Diddy is in disbelief, apparently, at how bad they are, telling them to stop and for everyone to go outside. We now see Diddy, Bivins and Laurie Ann at a table with the pictures of all of the cast members. Diddy says they need to be able to dance. Bivins says that they weren't dancers when they came. Diddy says that, to be honest, they (New Edition), 112 and N*SYNC were not dancers when they first came, either, implying that it takes work to get to that point.

Diddy asks how long they've been rehearsing and Laurie Ann says that it's only been today. Diddy says that he thought she had them from the weekend. That's not what he said to do on his show and he's cutting based on what he didn't ask for. Laurie Ann wants to interject. Diddy says no, it's his show. No interjection. She keeps talking and keeps interjecting and Diddy finally says he's psycho for real. She says she is as well. He tellers her to "get the f*** out". She says "with pleasure" and leaves. As she walks away, she seems to take a pot shot at Michael Bivins saying that if he can't pick up 4 counts out of 8 in one day, she doesn't know what they're doing here. Diddy tells her she's being disrespectful. She says to get her out of here. Diddy says, again, she's being disrespectful and says to cut the cameras off.

Our view switches to where the guys are as they are listening to this exchange. Laurie Ann is still talking - actually, she ends a sentence with "you and your corny show". It sounds like Diddy says "you ain't ever seen disrespectful". She then yells "whatever, whatever" and "you don't scare me". Then someone (it sounds like Diddy, who has finally had enough), says "yo, Laurie Ann, get the f*** out of here you dumb b****" and then we see another camera view from the side of the room where Diddy, Bivins and Laurie Ann are. Laurie Ann is headed to the door and Bivins is following her saying "this is crazy, you're supposed to have respect".

Diddy is walking in an opposite direction and it sounds like he says something like "you're being disrespectful, you dumb b****, get the f*** out of here." He sits down at a table on the opposite side of the room while Bivins continues to follow Laurie Ann, saying something like... she's supposed to a sister, why isn't she showing him/them any respect? Something like that. As she walks through the door, he says "why are you acting like this? hold up (as she's leaving)" Laurie walks out the door, saying "Michael, I'm done." And that's it. No chair throwing.

After a commercial break, Diddy wants to address the Laurie Ann situation. He says that she had a positive impact on the show. He doesn't agree with how she went about her business, but, this is entertainment and we're all a little crazy now and then. He wishes her the best and luck and says there are no hard feelings.

Diddy calls the guys back in the room (there are no judges as Diddy sits alone) and says that the bad news is that hardly "none of y'all can dance." He says he's gonna take the info from the last few days, in addition to tonight, into consideration to make the cuts. He has the guys step up one by one.

Qwannel is first. Diddy says that he puts him in the top 3 as far as growth since he got here and tells him that he has potential if he works on his dancing and strengthens his voice. He can return to the house. He calls Michael up next. He says that if he is to stay, he needs to lose more weight. He says that his voice is beautiful, he just needs to want it inside - he will still have a chance to make the band. Curtiss is next and he is cut. Andrae is next. Diddy says that he needs to work on his voice, but he's not going to be making the band.

Jeremy is called up next. Diddy says that he has one of the best voices but that he is clumsy and he wouldn't pay to see him perform. But, Diddy gives him the opportunity to straighten it out and he says. Dyshon, Willie and Robert are headed back to the house. Eric will not make the band. Diddy says he has potential and thinks he'd be better off as a solo artist. DeAngelo stays, Diddy says he has a great tone and that he feels him when he sings. Brian H. stays. Brian A. is next, Diddy says he's fallen off, but because of his great start, he's staying - for now. Carlos is next. Diddy says his voice is great, but he needs to work on his range. Carlos will still have a chance. Armando is cut.

Donnie is called up next. He says that he doesn't know if Donnie hit his head with the way that he spoke out of turn before. Diddy says that this is a competition, so don't whine at him because you can't dance. Diddy says that white boys can dance and Donnie has a great voice. He still has a chance - just don't let it happen again. Dan is next and Diddy says that his weight loss has been great and that he's been trying really hard - he's been going all out. But, his voice hasn't grown and Diddy says that he's not gonna be back in the house.

Julius is called up next. Julius says that the doctor said that he'll be on crutches for a week, week and a half. Diddy says the Julius has done whole prayer thing and crying stuff every cut and it really doesn't make much difference to him - he's getting a little tired of it. But, Diddy says that he's a soul singer and that's why he is gonna stay in the house.

Everyone kind of shakes hands and says goodbye. In confessional, Curtiss says that the fault is with him because he didn't work hard enough. Diddy tells them that he has been doing the Making the Band thing for a minute and that he thinks they all have a lot of potential, but they also have a lot to work on. And the episode comes to an end.

Next episode: We see Diddy, Michael Bivins and Brian Cox looking at head shots and discussing cuts. At the very end of the preview, we see Diddy say that this is the first cut that he's made that is actually going to hurt him.