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Diddy starts the show by saying that it's time for some guys to get out of the house. He's going to have them perform at B.B. King's in New York.

Robert talks about June, his girlfriend of 1 year (4 years "unofficially", he says). He talks about calling her and not being able to reach her and wondering what she's up to. He finally leaves a message, saying that she better have a good reason for not answering his calls all day. He thinks she's at a party (with her ex-boyfriend) and if so, it's over. He talked about how she'd done it before and he forgave her.

Donnie tells him to stay focused on making the band. Robert says it helped him, reminded him of what he was here for. Robert heads to bed. Later, Donnie comes in and wakes Robert to tell him that June has called him back. They get into an argument and he hangs up on her.

So, now everyone heads to bed and we're shown them all sleeping. Uh oh... here comes Diddy at 2:00 AM. He starts clapping and waking them up. One of them is sleeping really heavy. Diddy sits down on his bed and Diddy gets closer to him and wakes him up gently... asking him if he's alright. Hilarious.

Diddy tells them that New York is his city and he's proud of it and he wants to share it with them. So, he wants them to go to Times Square and sing for 2 hours. Then, he wants them to go to Brooklyn and sing for 2 hours (and pick him up some cheesecake). One of them asks him how he likes it, he says he likes it with strawberries. Next, they'll go to Queens and sing for 2 hours. Then, they'll go to the Bronx and sing for 2 hours in front of Yankee Stadium. Finally, they'll walk back across the George Washington bridge - singing the whole time. If they come back with excuses, they'll be cut. He tells them to have fun and departs.

They're a little unsure as to if they are supposed to start now or not. They realize, yeah, they're supposed to start now. At 3:00 AM. A couple of them talk about how cold it is with Julius talking about all of the clothing he'll need to wear (including 8 pairs of socks). Dan says how it's gonna take 18 hours - and they're gonna get sick.

And they're off. They stop in front of B.B. King's at Time Square to sing. 37th Ave. is first to sing, then Face. If you forgot who is in which ground, please check out our episode 2 liveblog. Diddy has them raising money for the homeless during this little trip. So, they're approaching cars and getting donations and all that sort of stuff. Anzeo says he's gonna lip sync ("if it don't feel right, I'm not gonna do it") because he's gonna have a voice when he performs at B.B. King's on Monday. (Maybe he won't even make it to Monday, of course). He puts in a poor effort.

Now, they're off to Brooklyn, performing in front of Junior's. One of them enters Junior's and asks for an extra large cheesecake with extra strawberries and an apple pie - for Diddy.

Now, at 9:55 AM, they're in Queens. We see them interact with a few more people here, including an older, homeless man who sings a bit with them. Anzeo is still complaining, telling one of them he's not gonna have a voice on Monday if they keep doing it. The other 3 (in his group, I think) are telling him that Diddy said he wants them to sing it. Anzeo's saying that they can't be stupid and that they need to come up with a scheme to do what Diddy wants and keep their voices at the same time. Again, he's assuming they'll even be there Monday. Qwanell says that Diddy is doing it to test them.

At 1:40 PM, they're in the Bronx. Willie mentions that his voice is starting to get a bit weak, so he's trying not to stretch it, but he also doesn't want Diddy to think he's slacking, either.

So, they're walking across the George Washington bridge, finishing up, singing. Dan says he's done a lot in his life, but this is something he's gonna tell his grand kids. Just when it's looking like they've made it... a police car pulls over and an officer tells one of contestants that they all need to walk back to where the officer is before they get arrested. An officer then tells the cameraman to "cut the cameras, please."

The officer told them that, after getting about half way across the bridge, they can't finish their task. Tyrice: "Thank you, New York police." Robert says that the office told him that they need to find another way to do it. Robert says that they need to walk the bridge and if they get arrested, he's sure Diddy is gonna be able to get them out. Anzeo brings the discussion to a close by asking them: were they going to get to the end of the bridge? They say yes. Then, he says, they had the will and determination to do it. They got stopped, but if they had the will to do it, it's already done. That's his take, he says.

So, now they are in front of the Bad Boy offices, performing. Donnie says that in his 7th grade talent show, he performed "Mo Money Mo Problems" and it's always been his dream to get signed to Bad Boy. Being in front of the building, it hits him. This makes me like him a bit more.

They've got a group around them as they perform. Diddy pulls up in front of the office. Jonathan: "Please tell us that this is it. No more surprises, please." He brings them inside the lobby and asks them when they felt like giving up. They say never. Diddy says he didn't expect all of them to make it. Diddy: "Your ego can be your biggest downfall. A lot of people didn't try out because they're like "I don't wanna get no cheesecake, I don't wanna be sonned." It's not about that, man. It's about getting the job done, whatever the task."

They present him with the cheesecake (he thanks them) and the money and he says that the money is for them to take and pick a place to drop off at. He tells them that they are at the Bad Boy offices (I'm sure they knew that) and that hopefully, some of them will be lucky enough to see the 6th floor. As they leave, Michael says "Don't eat too much of that cheesecake." They all have a laugh. Diddy tells him: "You don't eat the cheesecake." Michael points to his stomach, saying he doesn't want to get like this. Diddy says he's getting a little big so he's got to slow down.

That's it for this task. They head back to the house and crash. Robert talks with June. She tells him that she's not cheating on him - she's counting down the days until he's back. They exchange I love yous and Robert says (in confessional) that he'd like to spend the rest of his life with her. Anzeo says that the weather took it's toll on his voice. They all get a night's sleep and in the morning, we see them drinking tea with lemon, taking cold medicine, etc. One of them is feeling sick, but he's gonna tough it out.

Anzeo yells "What happened to my eggs?" Apparently, Anzeo cooked some eggs and then Brian A. took them and ate them. (What's he thinking?) Anzeo tells him to go fix him some eggs to replace those. Brian doesn't want to be told what to do. They yell back and forth, exchanging four letter words with Anzeo saying to rewind the tape because he remembers something a little differently from how someone else remembers it. Brian keeps talking and Anzeo yells to shut up. Julius tells them how dumb it is to be screaming over eggs when they could get cut tonight.

They're getting ready now. Dan laughs at the fact that one of them has matching underwear and socks for their outfit. They're dressed and ready to perform and they pile into a van (probably a couple) and head to B.B. King's for their performance. It's a packed house. Donnie's family and some supporters are there. Michael Bivins gets on the mic and introduces them. Diddy arrives to applause. The appearance of Diddy causes Chris' heart to race and Dan says "this is gonna be kinda crazy."

The first act is 37th Ave. Brian A. says he's extremely hoarse and he's praying that God touches his voice. Diddy asks Slam how he likes the light skinned guy and Slim likes him a lot. Not sure who he was referring to. Donnie sings, getting applause from the crowd and both Slam and Laurie Ann say that they love the white boy - Slam remarks that the ladies love him. Diddy seemed to like their performance. Slam high fived them all as they came off, clearly pumped.

Campus Block is next. Anzeo says that they had to switch up a lot of notes due to their voices being strained. Anzeo sings and Diddy and Michael Bivins don't appear to be liking what they see in him. Laurie Ann is vocally supportive of one of them. I don't know which, but he has his hair in a pony tail.

Face sings after them. Slam asks where their moves came from - Laurie Ann says that she doesn't know, they did it themselves. Diddy appears to like their rendition of "Peaches & Cream". Although, he maintains a poker face, so who knows. Everything is on track until... Maurice suddenly yanks his shirt off and gets down to sing to a girl in particular. They show some shots of his pants hanging down and one of his band mates (I think) and Qwanell both come on screen and have the same reaction. Basically: "please stop." Laurie Ann and Slam have disapproving looks on their faces, as well.

Performing now is Switch. They seem to do a really good job. Everyone appears to be into what they're doing and Diddy remarks that one of them (Qwanell?) has a lot of personality.

Legit is up. They dedicate their song to all 20 contestants, saying that it's so hard to say good bye. Julius leads them into the song. Again, Diddy appears to be into what they're doing, nodding his head with his poker face. He seems to be nodding his head a little more profusely with them. Slam stands and claps during their performance. They finish to applause.

All of them appeared to do well. Diddy thanks everyone for coming out. He says that they did so well that he was supposed to cut 10, but he's only going to cut 4. He said that those 4 have a lot of talent, so keep working at their demos and their craft. He tells them that if he calls their name, get on stage. The first person going back into the house is...

Brian Andrews

He then reads off the following:

Brian H.

He stops, saying that only 4 more (out of 8 remaining) will be coming back to the house. He then calls:

Chris (this guy reminds me of Ricky Williams - just the way he speaks)

Diddy stops. There is 2 more to go. He calls...


He stops again with one to go. "God bless the names that I don't call." We now hear Anzeo talking about how he thinks he's better than some of the guys on stage. Diddy calls the last person to the stage and it is...


Anzeo, Makio, Maurice and Tyrice are cut. Anzeo is shocked and lost for words. Tyrice mentions that he'll go back home, go back to work and get back to writing music.

That's it for tonight!

Next episode: Michael Bivins says that Diddy wants them to go back out and to find some more contestants. So, more auditions! We see Diddy giving them some reality checks, telling them to count the number of beds and count the number of people in the room. "Every man for himself."