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Since I announced the official tracklisting released by the label, I've been getting a few questions about the B5 track "All Over Again" which they have been performing, supposedly, introducing it as a cut from the new album. Yet, it wasn't on the tracklist.

You asked - I found out. I spoke with B5's manager, Jim McMahan, a few moments ago and he told me that the song has now been added to the album and the tracklisting has been changed. Here is the new, final tracklisting:

1. Hydrolics
2. How You Not Gonna
3. Right to Left
4. Erika Kane
5. Got It Like That
6. Tear Drops
7. In My Bedroom
8. All Over Again
9. What it Do
10. No One Else
11. I Must Love Drama
12. So Incredible
13. Things I Would Do
14. Rockstar (Bonus Track)

I'm guessing that "I Must Love Drama" is the same as "Drama", "So Incredible" is the same as "Incredible" and "Things I Would Do" is the same as "Things I Do For My Girl". Besides "All Over Again", "How You Not Gonna" is the other new track.