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Diddy was the first to come out. He presented Terrence and Rocsi with Sean John shades. He talked about his BET Awards performance (his first performance at the BET Awards as an artist), his performance at the Princess Diana concert, his recent performance in South Africa, his kids, his breakup with Kim Porter (he said she's his best friend and it's not something he wants to go through, but he'll always love her).

After a video break, Mario Winans dropped by. They asked them what it's like in the studio when they're together. Diddy said it's magical and Mario said that he "always loves doing records with [his] brother". He called "Through the Pain (She Told Me)" "another passionate joint." And then Diddy introduced the video. Following with what I talked about recently, he introduced the video as "Through the Pain, a.k.a. She Told Me, Dear Kim". The video was credited As "Through the Pain (She Told Me): Dear Kim".

What can I say about the video? It's a cool video, I like it a lot, as a fan. The video opens with Diddy and Mario riding in a car and Mario sings his opening part. And then, as the song progresses, they move to a club, to the front of the parked car in the city, in front of a woodgrain wall, etc. It has a good vibe and fits the song.

After the video was over, Diddy announced that the DVD for the second season of P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy. It was released on July 17.

After a commercial break, Diddy announced B5, stopping to allow audience screaming and applause and then continuing, saying "not since the Beatles have a group come out that's gonna cause this much hysteria throughout the world."

Before they could introduce their record, Diddy interrupted and told everyone that radio stations around the country are "fronting on this record" and he encouraged all of the ladies to call in and request the record and if they don't play it, tell them that you are going to turn off your radio. B5 then introduced "Hydrolics".

After the video, Diddy encouraged everyone to vote the video onto the countdown and talked about Bad Boy's upcoming releases as well as the upcoming release of Sean John Ladies. He didn't say much except to say who was coming, which we already know about.

During the commercial, it mentioned a Screamfest 2007 special that will feature Yung Joc on 12:30 PM ET, but I missed the day. And that's it.