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Yung Joc was on 106 & Park today, along with T.I., Ciara and Lloyd (Terrence said that T-Pain missed his flight) to promote the Screamfest 2007 tour. He talked about his first tour (with T.I.), how you don't want to go over your set time on tour (unless you want to face a fine), how he was performing old school joints at last year's Scream Tour and how adults in the audience were moving to them, so he thinks they saw that they could grow the tour up a bit (don't take this the wrong way B5 fans!).

When Lloyd and Joc saw the newly remodeled 106 & Park set, they talked about having the album release party for "Hustlenomics" on the set. Terrence and Rocsi both said "why not?" Unlikely, but we'll see.