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Best of all, he says, as he gears up to release his second album, Hustlenomics, this summer, he gets to do it the right way. “The first record,” says Joc, 24—who self-produced New Joc City’s second single, “I Know You See It,” out of necessity—“I was under a lot of pressure to turn an album around. I had to do the album so quick, I couldn’t really get with the big producers. A lot of the bigger producers thought I was gonna flop. They didn’t know me. ‘Okay, he got a hit record, but I don’t know him.’ I was reaching out to n***** to work on my album; n***** was not responding. They was like, ‘Nah, I can’t do it. Pay me X amount of dollars.’ Now, these same n***** call me for hooks, call me for beats, call me for verses. I’m not mad. I’m happy n***** ain’t jump on my bandwagon right off.”