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DiggersSpot has an interview with rapper Pudgee Tha Phat B****** who, way back when, had Biggie and Lord Tariq on his test press only release of "Think Big".

A few weeks ago, a well-known digging related website reviewed your 12” “think big”, which features notorious big as well as lord tariq. As far as I remember, this had to be recorded short after “party and b*******” came out, so Biggie wasn’t that big - how did you get in contact with him and finally get him on that track?

I knew Biggie for quite some time becasue we were both up and coming lyricists on the grind. A friend of mine, 9Hawk - who used to road manage Big Daddy Kane - put me on to him. We used to speak all the time and I had been Tupac's friend since he danced for Digital Underground so the song was bound to happen – I called him and I told him I wanted him on the song. He said he would come to the studio and I still paid him cause I had a deal. The only song he had out at the time was party and b*******.

Via big_tig at Notorious Online.