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It's morning at the house. The new guys are getting acquainted with the old guys. Nothing odd happens, really. A little coldness in a conversation or two, but that's about it.

We get another June and Robert phone call with her asking if he's been calling anyone. After he says he's gotta go, June tells him that he doesn't have to worry about the relationship because it's over.

Ankh Ra is back at the house and he organizes the guys into groups he's selected. They are:

Group 1
Eric, DeAngelo, Andrae, Brian A.

Group 2
Jeremy, Qwanell, Brian H., Julius

Group 3
Donnie, Jonathan, Willie, Curtiss

Group 4
Carlos, Armando, Devin, Michael

Group 5
Dyshon, Robert, Jeremic, Dan

Once again, they are given a list of songs to choose from. Robert's group is slow to pick due to his indecision. When it comes to them to pick a song, they have no answer and they say they need more time.

Ankh reminds them that they will be judged on everything, not just singing, but appearance, dancing, etc.

The next morning, Michael's up before what looks to be most of the other guys. He's exercising. Push ups, sit ups, what have you. He gets on the treadmill, waking one of the guys up.

Michael Bivins calls and tells Brian that Diddy wants the group to do a 5 mile run and he says to make sure that Michael finishes the run because everyone must finish. Michael says, in confessional, that he doesn't want anyone thinking he's any weak link - he's fine.

With 3.6 miles left to run, they look pretty good. With 1.8 left, they're still going. That is, until Michael stops and walks for a second and then again. Qwanell slows down and goes back to him because, he says, the key isn't to win, but for everyone to finish. And, after that slowdown, they get it back together and finish with Michael sprinting to the finish. The run appears to have helped all of them to connect with Andrae calling them "his boys forever".

Next up, some group singing practice. The first four groups appear to be vibing just fine. But, once again, we get to that 5th group and they're not doing well. Jeremic is making a face and no one looks particularly happy. We find out now that the song they selected is "Ain't No Woman Like the One I Got" by The Four Tops.

A phone call from June interrupts their work. She says she was just angry before. But, to the camera, Jeremic says that he's annoyed and disappointed that he got put in this group. Dan isn't happy that they're wasting time and Robert says he needs to get off the phone. But, as we head to a commercial - he's still on it.

A bunch of the guys go to a diner and some of them are ordering tons of food with tons of red meat and Michael is right there, just looking on while they're ordering all of this. He then orders a grilled chicken with lettuce and tomato. In confessional, he says that he thought about the burger - but he got chicken with a plate of fruit. A good decision.

In the evening, group 5 is back at it with Dan on guitar and Dyshon at the piano. The phone rings... guess who? June. Robert tells whoever picked up the phone to tell her that he'll call her back later. After Robert finishes singing on line, Dyshon stops him because it didn't fit in with the group. Jeremic asks them to just drop it. We get to know a bit more about Jeremic. He has a fiancée named Rikki, who he says he talks to whenever he needs to regain his focus. He tells her that he got put in the group with the biggest two idiots in the house and he'll probably get cut because of it.

All of them are meeting with Michael Bivins and Ankh Ra. They ask them to perform to see how ready they are. First up is group 4. Then group 2 and group 3. Group 5 is next and Dan remarks (privately) that he's a bit nervous. Ankh Ra stops them, telling them it's very disjointed and that they need to add unity to it. Robert says they need more rehearsal then the other groups and Ankh Ra asks them why they aren't? Bivins says that they can still do it - maybe this is what they needed to pull it together.

The next morning, they're off to New York Sports Clubs. They have some weigh ins to do. Dan is down another 2 pounds. Michael's up next and, in confessional, he says he really doesn't want to be weighed. Michael lost 11 pounds. Amy (the trainer) is surprised and the guys applaud.

Group 5 is now back at the house, practicing. They get it together and Jeremic remarks on how it's all clicking now

Donnie and Dan are out on the porch, watching the sunset. Donnie's taking it in as Dan says that it could be their last night here together.

The night comes and Diddy arrives. He tells them that almost everything going forward will relate to how they fit in a group.

Ankh Ra calls up group 1. They seem to do a pretty good job. Groups 2, 3 and 4 follow and they all seem to do a nice job, as well. Group 5 is up last. Dan's nervous once again, but they step up their game up in line with the other groups. After they're all done, Diddy shuffles through cards with pictures of each singer on them while they nervously look on. Bivins tells them that "it is what it is, y'all know it's coming" and Ankh Ra tells them to "keep breathing". This should be a tough cut.

Diddy says that he is supposed to eliminate 4-6 people based upon what he saw tonight. He has a problem doing that because all of them did so well - he tells them to give themselves a round of applause. Michael Bivins and Ankh Ra stand and clap and all of the guys stand up as well.

Enough happiness - Diddy says that he's gonna have to turn it up and smoke some of them out to find out who will persevere. He tells them to enjoy the night.

Now, some of them lose their head and decide they want to party. Michael mentions that they decided to go out... to a strip club. I can't help but wonder about those that went out - including Andrae, Michael and Jeremic. What are they thinking? Diddy says he's gonna smoke you out and you do that?! I'd be in bed at 9 PM - earlier, if possible. Especially with Michael - he's been working hard to lose weight and now he takes a step back. And, as such, they appear to sleep later than some others. While they're sleeping, Dan is talking with another contestant and expresses his disappointment in those that went out - he says that he isn't going to drink an ounce of alcohol while he's in this house - his first drink is going to be with Diddy. Nice line!

Diddy arrives the next day with Harve Pierre in tow. Diddy says that he was hit with a dilemma last night because they did so well, so he went home to figure out how to get some of these cuts done. He says that he came up with this: all of the guys have been living together and they have an idea of how much talent their house mates have. He says that they are going to help him out a little bit with making some cuts. "Let's find out who the weakest links are." He calls up Robert, Willie, Donnie, Dyshon, DeAngelo and Dan because he says they have been some of the most consistent as far as growth is concerned. He's going to talk to them about who he should cut.

He sends the rest of them out of the room and down stairs. He tells the 6 to have a seat and relax. He has them spread the cards out in a "nice, even way." Donnie talks about how tough it is to get rid of 2 friends. Dan says, privately that he already had 2 guys in mind, so let's go. Dan picks them and then the rest - or, at least, a majority - seem to agree with him. After they decide, Diddy says OK. You can see that they are a little taken aback that they just knocked 2 guys out of this themselves. Diddy says that one of them should go down and get the rest. They come back up and Diddy announces that 2 people will be leaving. He says that he didn't exactly send them home, but this is the nature of the competition.

Devin and Jeremic are the names read. Diddy leaves abruptly. Devin goes around the room, shaking their hands and wishing them well. He seems like a nice guy and he takes it well. Dan remarks, in confessional, about him going out to the club last night and how he should have, instead, been preparing to win the competition. He makes a point, but Jeremic, on the other hand, just stands there. He calls his fiancée to tell her. "You didn't even get cut by Diddy?!", she says. Jeremic says that the experience has shown him that he doesn't want to be in a group. Honestly, it seems like it was as good a cut as any, given some of the comments he made earlier in the episode.

After they leave, Donnie feels guilty. Andrae says that it's a friendship thing and he understands it. But, Donnie says it isn't - he's friends with everyone and hasn't fallen into any cliques. He's afraid that the others are going to target him now and someone else says it's about to get crazy. They play up to tension in the room and house. It's sure to increase, but really, they have cycled between tension and brotherhood so many times that I'm sure they'll back to to the other soon enough. And that's the end of the episode.

Next episode: we see them working with Laurie Ann and then Diddy says that that's not what he said to do (we don't know what it is that wasn't what he said to do). A second later, Laurie Ann says we have a problem. Now, Diddy and Laurie Ann are away from the rest and he says that he's psycho for real, she says she is, too. Then he tells her to get out, then. She says "with pleasure" and leaves. Next, we cut to the guys waiting in the dance studio listening to Laurie Ann and Michael Bivins argue. She says "Get the f*** out of my face! You don't scare me!" while Bivins is saying "Let me explain something to you". One of the contestants remarks "where's Diddy?" And then it sounds like someone (Bivins?) says "get the f*** out of here you dumb b****". So... yeah. The next episode is the one with the confrontation between Diddy and Laurie Ann.