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D. Woods has a blog post on her MySpace talking about the Danity Kane break up rumors. It's a lot of stuff (i.e. implying things like ... someone on the inside (Danity Kane member?) didn't hang up their phone fast enough when talking to her and said something nasty without realizing that she was listening), so I'd recommend giving it a read through. Here is, perhaps, the most important part:

I wont go into what was heard but i will say that my time as a member of DK has been a rocky rollercoaster with blows coming from all angles. But i have enjoyed it, gave my all, added to my artistry, met alot of great people, and have seen alot of things. I've been blessed to be a founding member of this group, so NO i havent left. I have extended myself in many ways and have been up front and inclusive about everything i've done since joining Danity Kane. I havent left the group, and when the time comes for us to pursue our other desires it will be in a much more professional manner.

Via MTV.