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Odd. There were two MySpace bulletins sent out from Danity Kane member official profiles earlier today inside of 3 hours of each other and they didn't seem to be on the same wavelength.

The first statement came from Dawn Richard's MySpace.

To answer all the rumors thats been out there about Aubrey and D. Woods pursuing their solo careers. We support them in their decision. However, myself, Aundrea, and Shannon are choosing to continue in our efforts to make Danity Kane the best for our fans who love us and what we represent AND the respect we have for our group.


The second, from Aubrey O'Day's:

Once again I would like to put to rest absurd rumors. I love being a member of Danity Kane and have always been down with DK musically.

Iím looking forward to a second DK album and I totally support all members of DK in all of their endeavors.

They aren't absurd when you say things that make it look like it might happen. If she was joking around, fine... but, when you do that, people are going to believe you. So, it's not absurd. But, we'll have to see how this develops.