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Here is a statement from Jordan McCoy on the delay of the release of "Just Watch Me":

hey, thanks for the mail on my release date. January 15th for the complete album. We just need more time to work the single. I need your help! there is a link on top of my page that takes u directly to radio requests thru ur email:

you can also click on it from my page, "click here to request me on radio."
We need as many requests as possible, please! It would really help me a lot!

pushing the album back gives me more time to work the single, and get our video finished and on the air. sorry for you guys, but here is a link to snippets of the album for you to check out. let me know what you think!

You can buy my single, "Just Watch Me," on and show ur support and get it, please. we really need everyone using the radio requests for me. try out the banner and let me know how you like it. thanks for ur continued encouragement and support! love&peace, Jordan McCoy <33