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Here is the updated, tentative release schedule:

8/28/07 - "Hustlenomics" by Yung Joc.
9/11/07 - "Don't Talk, Just Listen" by B5.
9/25/07 - "Welcome to the Zoo" by Gorilla Zoe.
10/02/07 - "Back Up N Da Chevy" by Boyz N Da Hood.
11/06/07 - "Let's Get Physical" by Elephant Man.
12/04/07 - TBA by Mario Winans.
12/18/07 - "We Invented the Remix 2" by TBA.
1/15/08 - "Just Watch Me" by Jordan McCoy.
1/22/08 - TBA by Cheri Dennis.
2/12/08 - TBA by Cassie.

So, Yung Joc remains the same, B5 gets pushed up one week and everyone else gets pushed back, except for Mario Winans, who is given the same date he had previously (before it was removed).

Boyz N Da Hood isn't really a surprise since we are within a month of their release date and they haven't released a video. I am surprised at Elephant Man because he's been doing press and he just released a video (granted, it hasn't caught on... but, he's Elephant Man, he has a niche audience, he doesn't sell big numbers). Jordan was in a similar boat to Boyz N Da Hood as we were getting close to a month away and they haven't even shot a video, yet alone released one. But, being pushed to January? That is definitely a ways away and will negate some of the impact of her recent radio tour. Maybe her album will be shuffled a bit and/or she'll pick a new single. We'll have to see.