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Besides Michael reminding us who was cut last week, the first thing we see is Lewis (a.k.a. Dre, according to the caption) talking about how he was worried during the concert at B.B. King's because he was sick and, in his opinion, his voice was the worst one that night. But, he gave it his all and he thinks that is why he's still here. He's got to get his voice together, he says.

The next TV day, Michael Bivins shows up and sits down to talk to them all. He tells Chris that he "thought he showed up. You was on key. You didn't hear that nervousness." He says that Diddy was really happy with their effort and that's probably why he cut 4 instead of 10. He then asks Lewis what was wrong with his voice and Lewis tells him. Bivins says that he thought he was going to be cut because Diddy's not giving anyone any passes. He then announces that Diddy wants the judges to go back out and fill those 4 empty beds.

Diddy: "One thing about me: I don't know if I'm ever satisfied. In this situation, I'm still not satisfied with the talent that we have for this season. So, I'm gonna send the dream team on the road to find me some more talent. Stay tuned: this is gonna get interesting."

First, they head to Memphis. Bryan Cox, Ankh Ra and Laurie are at the judge's table. The first singer that they like, after Laurie welcomes him to the "Danger Zone", is Jeremic. We move to day 2 callbacks. They have them doing some dancing. They put what looks like 10 people in front of them (no names shown) and Bryan Cox says that they are at a standstill - they can't decide who to pick. So, Laurie Ann, who starts off in a somber tone and moves to an excited one, says "I'd like you ask you all to... come to New York City!" And they all jump around excited, of course.

Next, they're at Norfolk, VA. Michael Bivens, Slam, Jack Knight and Bink Dawg (the first appearances for Jack Knight and Bink Dawg behind the judges table this season) are doing the judging today. We only really get to see 3 singers here. The last one, Eric (a.k.a. Ace) from Suffolk, VA pleases the judges and finishes to applause.

we're now headed to Birmingham, AL. Laurie Ann, Joe and Michael Bivens are judging here. The first guy we see is playing a banjo. He appears to be a fair bit older than what the age limit for this show was, if I recall. Could be wrong, but his performance elicits laughter from the judges. Andrae seems to please the judges. The call backs are on the same night. We see Curtiss and Jeremy make the judges happy with Laurie Ann remarking that Jeremy is "killing people in the house right now."

Diddy says that the dream team is finished and it's time to bring the talent back to him. There are 4 beds to fill, but "who knows - if they're good enough, they may take over the whole house."

We then see the current contestants in the house working on dance routines and singing. Julius says that the people coming in won't get any respect or trust until they earn it. The new contestants arrive. Dallas, Andrae, Eric and Devin talk in confessional, saying things we already know or would expect. They are preparing, with Ankh Ra, for the audition with Diddy. Emeka sings with Ankh Ra asking them if they talk to their girl with their eyes closed - they need to learn to sing with their eyes open. Kenneth remarks that he doesn't have much experience with vocal coaches, but Ankh Ra is a "tough cat". Andrae sings and Ra chastises him for sounding canned, complementing his voice, but telling him to get serious.

We switch back to the current cast, working out at New York Sports Clubs. They basically talk about how they're not going to give up their spots easily, etc., as you would expect. Back to the new people - Diddy arrives at S.I.R Studios for the auditions with the new contestants. The judges include Ankh Ra, Slam, Michael Bivens, Laurie Ann, Bryan Cox and 2 others (maybe Mario Winans and Jack Knight, but we didn't really get up close shots of them). They get right into it.

First up is Jeremic from Memphis. Then Andrae from Birmingham. Ankh Ra smiles during his performance. Curtiss from Birmingham sings with approving looks from Michael Bivens and Bryan Cox. Alvin from New York, Dallas from Memphis, Dallas from Memphis, Kashief from Memphis, Devin from Memphis, Eric from Norfolk and Jeremy from Birmingham sing. That's all we see for singing on camera. Laurie Ann says that all vocalists can leave the room. Then Diddy stops them saying that they can stay in the room and Laurie Ann says to get back to their original places.

Diddy (in front of them): "I was only supposed to pick 4 names, but in true Diddy fashion, I'm gonna throw some s*** in the game right now." Diddy (now talking to the camera alone): "Let the games begin. We have a bunch of new talent that my dream team found on the road. We also have the guys that have been living in the house for the last two weeks. You know, men have a lot of testosterone - very competitive. Let's have a war."

We are now at the house at 11:47 AM. People are sleeping. Diddy walks in and walks all of the new guys through the bedrooms - with the people sleeping in them, telling them how this is where they could be sleeping if they make it. There are enough beds for all of them, he says. It appears not everyone was asleep because Carlos and Qwanell are both sitting at the dining/living room table and they look pretty awake. Carlos notices that there are more than 4 guys there. Diddy sends them to get all of the other guys to the living room. Michael Bivens tells them to get ready, go in there with their heads up and like a 16 man team. The current 16 lines up opposite the other 11. Dan remarks that it's like being on the front line at war.

Diddy: "What are y'all doing, dog? What are y'all doing? There's always somebody in life trying to take your spot. There's always somebody not taking a nap. There's always somebody on a plane getting ready to come get your spot. It ain't just now, it's in life in general. Y'all got time to sleep? I done cut half of y'all in my head just to go in and just see that y'all sleeping. Y'all can't be serious! I came to show y'all at any given time, during this competition, somebody's coming to get your slot. After you make it, if you lucky enough to make it, there's gonna be another group and other young rap artists coming to get your spot every day of the week, every second of your life. These are the guys coming to take y'alls spot. Say hello guys." The new guys say hello.

Diddy continues, "Tonight, we're gonna have a competition for them beds down there. It ain't just the guys in front of you, the guys to the left or the right of you, they're your competition tonight, too. It's every man for himself. Y'all count the number of the beds, y'all count the number of people here. So, you can see how many people are gonna get cut tonight." 16 plus 11 would mean 27. So, that would mean 7 people are going to be cut. Where did all of the guys from Memphis go? They had at least 10 guys from there. I guess some of them didn't make it...?

More from Diddy: "All you should be focused on is trying to keep your bed. ... I'll be damned [if] someone come into my house - I'd be ready to sing right now." Michael Bivens steps up and takes off Carlos' head wear and throws it in between the two groups, saying "first blood". He throws someone else's (from the other side) garment in, saying "second blood". "Whoevers in, get in. Bad Boy style. Get in!" Now they are all taking off hats, shirts, etc. and throwing them into the middle. Brian A. says that "we could do this right now." Diddy: "Oh, y'all wanna sing now?" Brian steps forward, feeling he has something to prove after Diddy just walked in on him sleeping.

Eric steps up from the other side and sings first. Diddy tells him to sing at Brian and let him know that he's coming to get his bed. Brian says, in private, that hearing Eric sing, he thinks he sounds pretty good and that shakes him up. Brian launches into "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men. After a few lines, he's joined by the other 15 guys on his side. Eric and some of the new guys break into smirks. Diddy says that they know what they're up against now. The competition will be tonight.

Back at S.I.R. Studios, it's time for the competition. Both groups arrive. Diddy, Bivens, Slam, Laurie Ann and Ankh Ra are present. They line them up and now they are going to match them head to head. The first pairing is D'Angelo and Jeremy. Diddy stops D'Angelo quickly and, in the hallway outside of where they are performing, is worried that that might be the end for him. Dyshon and Jeremic are next. Dyshon is also stopped quickly before he actually starts singing the song (outside of a yeah and some la las). Curtiss and Brian A. next. Both are allowed to sing a fair bit.

Eric and Louis next. Eric sings and appears to do fine. Louis sings a bit and then one of the judges says "what's up with his timing?" Diddy stops him and says that he can leave now (leave the room, not the group... but it does seem rather ominous). Julius (confessional) remarks that they aren't sounding like they're supposed to. Julius and Dallas are next up. Julius seems to do pretty well. Devin and Donnie are the next two to step in. Both seem to do OK. Diddy calls in Michael by himself.

With Mike, Diddy wants to try something a little different. He brings in an attractive young lady and has her sit on a stool right next to Michael. Diddy wants him to sing to her. Mike kind of stares at the girl a bit, which gives Diddy a chuckle and he asks Mike which song he's singing. Slow to answer, it's "My Cherie Amour" by Stevie Wonder. He rises to the occasion, appearing to please the judges with Diddy and the others grinning the whole time. Dan and Chris is the next pairing. After Dan finishes, Michael Bivens and Diddy have a little exchange:

Bivens: "He's working."
Diddy: "He's probably the only one working."
Bivens: "He ain't sing a bad note since he's been singing."

Chris, on the other hand, doesn't do very well with Laurie Ann cringing a bit. After exiting the room, he blames his nerves and says he should just quit. One of the other guys basically tells him to chill out.

That's all the singing we see. They call everyone out and have them line up. Diddy says that he's making his decision based upon if he can see them being in the group. So, it may not be based on their performance today - but, for most of them, it is. He is going to call 20 names. If he doesn't call their name, "good luck." He starts:

Robert (Old)
Dyshon (Old)
D'Angelo (Old)
Big Mike (Old)
Dan (Old)
Curtiss (New)
Andrae (New)
Brian H. (Old)
Jeremy (New)
Devin (New)
Jeremic (New)
Eric (New)
Donnie (Old)
Jonathan (Old)
Qwanell (Old)
Carlos (Old)
Willie (Old)
Armando (Old)

He pauses, as 2 names remain.

Brian A. (Old)

He pauses again, with 1 more.

Julius (Old)

This means that 14 of the 16 old guys were kept and 6 of the 11 new guys were kept.

Chris and Lewis are the 2 old guys that are cut. Afterward, once all judges have left except for Michael Bivens, Lewis makes eye contact with him and gestures, asking how they're gonna do it like this and that he's been working hard and Bivens knows it. He says that if he's gotta do it again right now, he'll do it again. He doesn't know what he did wrong, he wants them (Slam is now standing behind Bivens) to tell him and he "knows for a fact" that he doesn't deserve to leave. He's crying. Both of them just look at him depressingly. Bivens tells him that there is nothing he can do to change it and then he gets on a mic, telling them that this moment is going to happen. There are only so many people they can keep and it's going to get worse as there are more cuts coming.

Is it just me or does Dyshon look angry a lot? He's not actually angry, but he looks that way.

They close with a feel good moment as they all sing, together with Lewis and Chris, "End of the Road" once again to close the episode to Diddy's line of "There's always somebody in life trying to take your spot" as the two are driven away in a van.

The preview for the episode shows more cuts and one of the guys saying that a good handful of the guys aren't here for the right reasons.