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Diddy came out, alone in front of the big screen (but was joined by a choir to his sides and a string orchestra on a separate stage), in a white suit with a black tie to perform "I'll Be Missing You". It was very similar to the version performed for the Wal-Mart Soundcheck, except for the comments related to Princess Diana, of course. Perfect song for the event, of course, and the crowd was into it, of course.

After it was over, one of the co-host's said she "didn't expect Diddy to be that good." lol. She said that usually his performances in the U.K. are more in tune with "his roots". I didn't hear her say anything like that about any of the other performers, so that was a wee bit surprising.

Diddy did a quick backstage interview before his performance where he talked about Princess Diana, saying that she was the definition of a Princess in his eyes. On how he got involved, he said that the Princes called his publicist and he was glad to accept. He said that this is their country (the U.K.), they're royalty in this country and he's royalty in his country. heh

Finally, as an aside, Cassie came on the big screen behind the performers during Kanye West's set, while he was performing "Stronger".