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The show opens with the group arriving at the house. Of course, they all go crazy because it's beautiful - one of them calls it "Diddylicious". We cut to night, dinner at the house. We run through some of them talking about their past/present - Dan works for a DJ company, Julius used to be a bag boy at Piggly Wiggly, Donnie is in college, Carlos used to be homeless.

The next day (I guess), Michael Bivins comes in the house and everyone is, of course, happy to see him. He explains that they are now going to go into 5 steps. The first three are training and conditioning, choreography (with Laurie Ann) and vocal coaching (with Ankh Ra). Then, they will be split into groups and will compete against each other. After that, they will be doing a live performance somewhere.

They arrive for training and conditioning at a fitness studio. Their trainer is Amie, who starts with a weigh in. Qwanell, 165. Donnie, 166. Dyshon, 186. Dan, 209. He says that he wants to lose 10-15 pounds more. Michael, 278, wants to be at 220. Amie tells him he'll need to pay attention to his exercises and diet more than the others, but if he wants it... he can do it.

She then has them run around the room single file, then jumping jacks, push ups and a number of other exercises. Brian A. says he's never felt pain like this in his entire life. Dyshon says he's physically drained. He's having a lot of trouble and Amie escorts him out, with him heavily leaning on her. He looks terrible. She gives him a Gatorade like drink and tells someone to call an ambulance. It arrives and he gets in, saying that if he doesn't come back, to tell his mother that he loves her.

We're now at the emergency room. They ran some tests and he was dehydrated and his blood pressure was too low. Besides that, he's OK.

Choreography is next and when they walk in, they find Laurie Ann in a one piece with hose and high heels. She says that it's not a game or a joke. Technique is important. She has them line up at ballet bars, put their ankles together, turning their toes out. She takes them through a series of ballet routines. Then, they move on to more aggressive forms of dance. She praises Chris' dancing, saying he has something that the others don't and, in confession, he talks about how his voice is weak, but he can dance. Laurie Ann says the weakness is in not trying.

During one routine, Laurie singles out Dan saying "white boy in the mix". She tells him that he's not feeling it - it's not that he doesn't have the rhythm, though. She continues, there is no color in talent and rhythm and soul. Dan, afterward and off to the side sitting with a few others, says he hates when someone says he's not feeling it. He's not budging he says - he's an individual. If they don't like him, cut it. He says that they want him to be true but when he's true, it's not what they want - now he has to be fake to try to get these people to like him. He's not getting it. He says its because he's white and one of the other guys tell him its not about being white and that he needs to take the criticism and make adjustments.

After a break, we're back at the house at night and it's snowing. Julius goes crazy because he has never seen snow. A bunch of them go out on the roof/patio and have a snow fight. Then some of them go out for food. Dan remarks that he's looking for a "salad or a ... salad". They go somewhere... Donnie gets a cookie (insisting that it is mushy, even telling the person behind the counter to see if she can stick her finger in it to see if it is). Donnie gets his cookie - and likes it.

In the morning, Michael makes breakfast, making a grilled cheese sandwich that is absolutely loaded with butter. He even remarks that he's mashing down the sandwich to get all the butter. What?! Did he forget what Amie told him... what... yesterday? Wow.

Diddy shows up with no warning. DeAngelo: "What the hell is about to happen?" Diddy enters to applause. He sits down and tells them to have a seat. He says that last time he saw them, it was stressful and he was impressed by their courage and determination, but now they are going to turn it up a notch to separate the men from the boys.

He has them introduce themselves and tell him why they want to do it. Chris talks about how everyone has always told him he didn't have the voice to do it. Diddy cuts him off, telling him to work on it as it can't be used as an excuse.

Diddy asks Dan if he's lost weight. He's lost 16 pounds. How, Diddy asks? Dan got a trainer right after the Orlando auditions. Diddy then turns to Michael who says he's lost 2 pounds. lol. Diddy gets into him for his obvious lack of effort.

Diddy then breaks them up into groups. He names 10 people, breaking them up into 5 groups of 2 and then gives them the opportunity to pick their teammates, making it so that each group has 4 people in the end. He reminds them that they can be cut at any time. And he leaves.

He abruptly returns and asks Michael what he had for breakfast. Michael just stands there and Diddy says that he had 3 grilled cheese sandwiches. Michael says that he didn't - he cooked 3, but he ate 1. Anzeo ate one of the sandwiches, but doesn't say anything. In confession, Anzeo says that there's no way he's gonna get chopped up by Diddy. :) Diddy tells Michael to get on the treadmill and run 5 miles right now and tells Dan to go tell him how to lose 5 pounds in a week or something. Dan helps him get the treadmill going. Diddy asks Michael how much he wants it and he says he wants it. Diddy turns and leaves. After a while, Julius comes over and wipes Michael's forehead with a paper towel.

The groups get together and pick names. They are ask follows:

Campus Block
Anzeo, Armando, Carlos, Makio

Michael, Brian H., Dyshon, Julius

Maurice, Lewis, Tyrice, Willie

37th Ave.
Donnie, Brian A., Robert, Jonathan

Dan, Chris, DeAngelo, Qwanell

Ankh Ra shows up and tells each team to pick a song from the list. They are going to make it their business to learn this one song. They choose the following.

Legit: It's So Hard to Say Goodbye by Boyz II Men.
Face: Peaches & Cream by 112.
Switch: When Can I See You Again by Babyface.
Campus Block: On Bended Knee by Boyz II Men.
37th Ave.: If I Ever Fall in Love by Shai.

Next, they have more choreography with Laurie Ann. Michael Bivins is there, as well, wearing an NE hat. The teams go through routines they've apparently come up with on their own. Laurie Ann watches them and steps in, making corrections and adjustments as needed.

Next we see Amie, their trainer, come into the house and... what are they doing? Eating McDonalds. "Perfect timing!", someone says. She hands them all notebooks to use as their nutritional journals. Michael still isn't getting the whole diet thing. He apparently doesn't like any vegetables at all. Amie runs through a list of all sorts of vegetables and Michael shakes his head at all of them. It was a long list and one of the cast members makes this look like "what's wrong with this guy?" lol. She asks if he has tried them and doesn't like them? He say yes. Amie's patient, though, and says she'll work with him. Michael says he's only going to eat fruit and cheerios.

They then have a vocal session with Ankh Ra where they get up and sing. He stresses the importance of singing with meaning and with feeling so that people can believe you. Two particular sessions are shown. Both of which start out poorly with Ankh Ra expressing the fact that he doesn't believe them. One, with Chris, shows him talking about losing his grandfather. Ra talks to him about it and Chris gets very emotional and starts to crying while talking about the loss. Ankh Ra praises him for opening up and hugs him.

The other, Dan, talks about losing a girl he loved. Ankh Ra pulls the story out of him and has him sing a second time, drawing from it. Dan does much better this time, ending with most everyone in the room, including Ankh Ra, smiling.

The next episode will feature them on assignment to sing in each of New York City's five boroughs.