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We open to the New York skyline. Diddy comes on, saying that we're back. He's looking for a group to follow in the foot steps of The Temptations, New Edition, 112, Boyz II Men and N*Sync.

Diddy introduces the judges - Michael Bivins (from New Edition), Joe, Bryan Cox, Slam (A&R), Ankh Ra (vocal coach) and Laurie Ann Gibson.

The first city they are in is Orlando. The judges, minus Bryan Cox, arrive by limo. After going through some singing on the 1st day, the 2nd day is dancing. The first singer we meet in any detail is Dan. The judges are clearing impressed by his singing and then his dancing as he finishes a dance by giving Laurie Ann a high five.

Brian H. is the next singer. He's sung in his church choir. They vote for him unanimous.

Julius is the next singer. Apparently, he just got into singing. He's the son of a pastor and sings in church, as well. The judges disagree on him with Laurie Ann saying she's "saving him" because he's a boy that would get his dreams crushed. So, he sings again, leaving some of the judges in tears. Suffice to say, Laurie Ann is convinced and he seems to be in unanimously.

Dan, Brian H. and Julius are headed to New York. It looks like there was a 4th guy, as well, but we haven't met him, yet.

Next up, we're in Atlanta. We don't see much of anything. Next up, Los Angeles. Again, we don't see much of anything. Onto Chicago. Here we meet Tyrice, 26 from Milwaukee and Willie (credited as Willie, introduces himself as Will). Now, we're onto New York. For the first time, I notice Bryan Cox at the judges table. They're doing dancing and Laurie Ann is disgusted, but she's not "mad at the white boy". This is Donnie. Then we see a singer they're liking... I missed his name. Next is Michael, who they like, as well. "I know what it is to work hard. Just like Diddy, I plan on working hard and getting to the top," says Michael.

Next, we're in Washington, DC. Michael Bivins announces that this is the final day. The first singer we see is DeAngelo, who the judges like. Sam from Fairfax, Virginia. All 4 judges (Ra, Cox, Bivins, Slam) stand and applaud. Sam jokes that whenever he starts to sing, people laugh and say "she bangs, she bangs". But, he says, when he opens his mouth, their reactions change.

Diddy comes on the screen now. Before saying much, he interrupts himself and says "hold on a second, let me take off my Sean John shades, in stores now". He then mentions that 58 finalists have been selected by the judges for him to review. We quickly see the finalists from each city. It goes too fast for me to count, but it appears that the most came from Atlanta with New York being a close second.

Now, we see people flying into New York. They are checking into the Ramada. Dan mentions that they wanted him to lose some weight, so he can't eat anything but green. He's got a person trainer and has lost like 12 (forget the exact number of pounds) pounds. We meet Anceo from Houston and Chris from Orlando.They file into a park, down some steps to meet up with Laurie Ann and Michael Bivins.

38 are going home tomorrow. Only 20 will stay. Bivins says he brought them out in the cold to prepare them for what's coming. He ends with (I think) "do not choke when you get in front of Puff Daddy". Next up is dancing with Laurie Ann. Julius struggles, screaming when he misses a step.

Next up, time with Ankh Ra who impresses upon them that they are in character from the moment they step onto stage. We meet Dyshon from New York. Ra is clearly impressed with Dan. Chris from Orlando is nervous, saying he is hoping for the best. Ankh Ra presses him to be more confident.

Donnie sings next, also "very nervous" and worried that he'll hit his notes. In the middle of Sam's singing, Ra cuts in and tells them they need to work on this everyday. Go over their lyrics and everything - do some work and then go to bed, he says.

We briefly meet Robert from Detroit. Qwannell from New York says he's been praying for this moment. Diddy arrives. The singers are assembled in the theater. Diddy appears and they applaud. He congratulates them on making it.

Diddy introduces his dream team. This is all the judges plus Johnny Wright and Mario Winans. The good news is that they made it to the finals, the bad news is that only 20 will be making it to the house - so he wishes them luck.

Julius is first. Mario Winans doesn't seem to be digging him. Carlos and then someone else... then Sam.. Diddy says "Slam, I thought you said we had a group when you were out there." Dan is up now. Mario and Wright are feeling him. Diddy seems unimpressed by Chris and the next. Diddy whispers "Oh, boy..." Dance time with Laurie on stage. Laurie has apparently lost her voice. So, they go through the dance part. "Brown. Thirteen's hot" says Bivins. "He can dance" one of them says about Chris. After the dance, Diddy says to take a 10 minute break and they'll get back to them.

Ra says they choked. What he heard today was not what he heard in the studio. Bivins says they got nervous with Diddy there and he thinks they need another chance. Diddy says "we gotta let some of you guys go. This is gonna be the first round. We gonna do another round of cuts later on." Anyone Diddy names will make it through this round. Diddy runs through the cuts faster than I can type, but he names Brian, Dan, Courtney, James, Carlos, Chris, Donnie, Julius, Carnell, David, Willie, Louis, Michael, Sam (the last one) and others. "If I didn't call you, peace." says Diddy.

Diddy then tells the people on stage right now not to get too comfortable - the cutting has just begun. Half of the people now on stage will be cut in the next 15 minutes.

"A lot of y'all were a little nervous. Shake it off. I ain't gonna bite ya'll." He tells them to step off the stage and wait for their number to be called to sing their second song. They are gonna get another chance, but no third chance. Anceo from Houston is first, then Courtney from Charlotte. Both of them seem to do well. Brian A. from Houston is next and then Robert from Detroit. Michael from Charlotte next. They're all doing pretty well, at least. Laurie Ann nudges Diddy, meaning that they're doing well. The judges (or maybe just Laurie Ann) are making some noise, positive noises and Diddy, not wanting to let on, says not to be loud, "just shut the f*** up" he says, half laughing. Dyshon from New York is next. "Great job", Diddy says. Donnie from New York, DeAngelo from Washington, Lewis from Chicago, Brian H. from Orlando, Tyrice from Chicago and Jonathan from Charlotte follow. Julius is next and he asks if he can sing his own song. Diddy says he can sing what he wants to sing. Sam is the last to sing.

The judges congregate. Diddy said yes to Michael, says Laurie Ann. They go through different people, throwing out random thoughts. The singers are called out and Diddy commends them for their heart and courage, saying this is definitely the hard part (cutting down to 20) and he encourages them to keep at it.

Armando, DeAngelo, Carnell, Willie, Brian A., Chris, David, Jonathan, Donnie, Robert, Louis, Carlos, Price , Dyshon, Brian (unsure of initial), Anceo, Luis and Michael. Diddy says "two more." He names Dan and then Julius.

That brings us to the end of the show. See you next Monday!