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This interview is over a month old, but it's the first I've heard of it.

HHC: Currently, you’re spending a lot of time in New York, working with Cipha Sounds.
We’re working on all kinds of projects. One of our main ones is this kid from the Bronx by the name of Daytona; a very talented kid. He has a single out now featuring Jim Jones called “ Homeboy What You Lookin’ At.” Our other big project is Nina Sky. We did 5 songs for their new album called The Musical. I don’t think people understand the music that these girls are coming with now. I’m really excited about the project. We’re also working with an artist by the name of Lil’ Eddie and also Thara, this girl from Jersey. Those are the in-house projects that are signed to Jack Move, Cipha Sounds’ company. We’re also doing work for Rick Ross’s crew – Carol City Cartel. We also did a joint with Lil’ Wayne for his new project as well as Elephant Man who’s signed to Bad Boy. Diddy and Busta jumped on the track as well.

Via WikiPedia.