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As I was reading this Diddy blog entry where he mentions that Snocap (basically, a service that allows labels to sell music online (including through MySpace by embedding their shop/player thingy)) is up on his MySpace, Biggie's and Danity Kane's. In them, you can buy tracks from "Press Play", "Greatest Hits" and "Danity Kane". And that's great and all.

But, what they should really do is to sell the tracks that they put on their MySpace profile. For instance, on Diddy's, sell the "Last Night" remixes. On Danity Kane's, sell that dance remix they have up. That would be a nice MySpace tie in and would generate more sales. Get it up as soon as they launch the song on MySpace. That way, you also get the people who want the latest - and you get the impulse buys. People listen to a song and... they can't buy it anywhere. So, they wait and wait and... they get tired of it (I don't, I'm that big a fan, but you know what I mean - Bad Boy is trying to capture new people as much as engage current fans).

I'd like to see that. I am thinking there may be some legal reason why it can't happen (I am going to ask and I'll report back with the answer if I get one).