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MTV News reports from the Bad Boy listening party held Wednesday Night in New York. A bunch of news came out of this event, so let's go over it all.

First, remember when I wrote about the Press Play remixes on Sunday?

Unfortunately, a few great remixes have yet to be released. I hope they will be, but with every passing day, it gets less likely. If the Biggie and Elephant Man ones are really official, as I suspect, they could do a few more remixes and release an "Press Play: Remixes" album. I'd love that. Plenty of other big time Bad Boy fans would love it, too. But, there aren't enough of us to make it happen, I guess. Still, we can ponder the possibility.

I know the idea has been bouncing around in my head and I know a commenter here at BBB mentioned it before, as well. Well, guess what? Diddy has announced plans for a "Press Play" remix album. No joke!

He also announced plans for a second edition of "We Invented the Remix", something I've been thinking about, as well.

Apparently, the winner of the 4th single poll has been crowned - it's "Through the Pain".

The Cheri Dennis single, "Portrait of Love" (which is on her MySpace featuring Gorilla Zoe and Yung Joc) will now feature Diddy. The article notes that it's set to be the first single from Cheri's album, "due this summer."

Here are a couple of track titles from the upcoming Mario Winans release: "Here Comes the Pain" and "Put Your Arms Around Me".