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With "Press Play", Diddy has given fans one of the things they crave - new music in the form of remixes. And I don't know if you've been keeping track, but "Press Play" has had a lot of remixes - even by Bad Boy standards, which says something. Let's take a run through them.

Official Remixes

"Come to Me (Remix)" (a.k.a. ATL Remix) featuring Nicole Scherzinger, T.I., Yung Joc and Young Dro

With new music, but Scherzinger's vocals still prominently featured throughout, the track opens up with two short verses from Yung Joc and Young Dro, followed by Diddy's original first verse. Diddy's second verse is removed to make room for a longer one from T.I. Released on "Tell Me" CD singles.

"Everything I Love (Remix)" featuring Nas, Jadakiss and Cee-Lo

Exactly the same as the original song with the exception of an opening verse from Jadakiss, who starts it off with his trademark laugh. Unreleased.

"I Am (Interlude) (Remix)" featuring Lil' Wayne

It opens like the original, but you quickly realize that something is different because... well, Lil' Wayne is talking. Diddy does his original verse. But, instead of the track ending - Diddy and Lil' Wayne launch into a chorus of sorts which is followed by a new verse from Diddy. "You don't talk like me or walk like me or handle the pressure on the court like me/I'm Jordan in his younger, the number one runner, look so crisp and clean, yet I talk so gutter". The chorus follows and then Wayne jumps in for his verse and the chorus takes us home. Unreleased.

"Last Night (Remix)" featuring Keyshia Cole

All of the "Last Night" remixes use the same music, pretty much, but this one was the first to be released with all of them premiering on Diddy's MySpace. This one features the same vocal lineup as the original. Unreleased.

"Last Night (Remix)" featuring Keyshia Cole, Yung Joc, The Game, Big Boi and Rich Boy

"And another one." Diddy's and Keyshia Cole's vocals are scaled down to make room for four new rap verses, one each from Yung Joc, The Game, Big Boi and Rich Boy. Surprisingly, the shortest verse of the four is my favorite - Yung Joc delivers here. Unreleased.

"Last Night (Remix)" featuring Keyshia Cole, Lil' Kim and Busta Rhymes

Noteworthy for being both the first Lil' Kim featured track put out since her release from prison and the first time her and Diddy have worked together in a number of years, the third "Last Night (Remix)" also brings Diddy back together with longtime collaborator Busta Rhymes. Again, the vocals of Cole and Diddy are scaled back a bit to make room for 2 verses from the Queen Bee, followed immediately by Busta.

Get Off (Remix)

I don't know if this one counts being that "Get Off" wasn't actually on the album, but I wanted to mention it, anyway. "Get Off" was remixed by Baltimore's DJ Booman. The vocals are the same except for a few ad libs from Diddy, like where he shouts out Booman instead of Sean C. and LV, the original producers of the track. Released on on "Press Play" Best Buy bonus disc.

Official Remixes?

"Come to Me (Remix)" featuring Nicole Scherzinger and The Notorious B.I.G.
"Come to Me (Dancehall Remix)" featuring Nicole Scherzinger and Elephant Man

These remixes were featured on a suspicious vinyl release numbered DID-101. The label on it is rather plain and doesn't feature a Bad Boy, Atlantic or Warner logo or even a copyright statement. You can see it up for sale here with samples. Sample 1 is for the "Dancehall Remix" while sample 2 is for the remix with Biggie.

Both of them feature different music - both different from the original version. And, interestingly, they both sound genuine. The one with Biggie features the same vocals from Diddy and Nicole except for in the middle, where there is now a verse from Biggie with what seem to be new ad libs from Diddy. Maybe I'm wrong, but, I've listened to pretty much every Diddy track in existence and these ad libs sound new to me. Diddy says "Hey yo, Biggie, talk to 'em" which brings us into Biggie's verse, taken from Shaquille O'Neal's "Still Can't Stop the Reign".

So, why do I think it's genuine? First, it sounds good. Second, the ad libs. They sound fresh. Diddy even ad libs the last part of Biggie's verse (in parentheses). "How can playas stand there and say I sound like them? Hello? (Hello?) Push wigs back and push six coupes that's yellow (yellow)...". It just fits.

The same goes for the "Dancehall Remix" with Elephant Man. It's even been talked about before by the Jamaican Observer. It makes sense that this track is it. Diddy's verses are preserved with one from Elephant Man in the middle and Elephant Man makes his presence felt throughout the track, as well.

As far as I know, neither of these remixes have been released in an official fashion, however. So, that's why I'm just not sure.

Official Dance Remixes

A bunch of official dance remixes have also come out of the "Press Play" release.

"Come to Me (ATFC Main Mix)" featuring Nicole Scherzinger #
"Come to Me (E-Smooth Remix)" (a.k.a. E-Smoove House Mix) featuring Nicole Scherzinger * #
"Tell Me (DFA Club Mix)" featuring Christina Aguilera %
"Tell Me (DFA Club Mix) (W-Out Diddy)" featuring Christina Aguilera %
"Tell Me (DFA Club Mix Radio Edit)" featuring Christina Aguilera @
"Tell Me (DJ Frank Lamboy Club Mix)" featuring Christina Aguilera %
"Tell Me (Mr. Mig Club Mix)" featuring Christina Aguilera % @
"Tell Me (Pull Extended Mix)" featuring Christina Aguilera %

* Released on "Tell Me" CD single.
# Released on "Bad Boy Dance Mixes" promo CD.
% - Released on "Tell Me Remixes" promo CD.
@ - Released on "Last Night" CD single.

Dance remixes are, well, dance remixes. The music is bouncy, sometimes they remove Diddy's parts of repeat them a lot or... whatever. You either like dance mixes or you don't, I guess. I don't really care for much of these mixes, but I'm not a big dance remix guy. The one standout to me is the "E-Smooth Remix" which keeps both of Diddy's verses. The first verse, in particular, stands out to me. It's sped up, but it's right on point with the music and is very listenable. As far as my taste, anyway.

Official Dance Remixes?

Back in the unsure category again, there is one dance remix that I wanted to mention besides the ones above.

"Tell Me (Switch Remix)" featuring Christina Aguilera

Being both in the U.S. and not in tune with the dance/house/any of that scene, I have no idea who Switch (a.k.a Dave Taylor) is. But, apparently he's a noteworthy DJ in the UK, if my searches on Google have told me anything. Check out his MySpace where it even says he's "currently finishing off" remixing Diddy. That could be outdated. And this mix could have been one he was contracted to do, but it didn't get selected for the "Tell Me Remixes" CD. It was released on a white label vinyl which is how I picked it up. Official or not - I have no idea.

Unfortunately, a few great remixes have yet to be released. I hope they will be, but with every passing day, it gets less likely. If the Biggie and Elephant Man ones are really official, as I suspect, they could do a few more remixes and release an "Press Play: Remixes" album. I'd love that. Plenty of other big time Bad Boy fans would love it, too. But, there aren't enough of us to make it happen, I guess. Still, we can ponder the possibility.