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We already knew Bad Boy was interested in him, according to him, but he mentioned it again in a recent interview. Speaking of, have Diddy and Nas contacted you?

Royce da 5í9Ē: I talked with Diddy while I was [writing for his Play album]. He likes me as an artist, and expressed that when Iím ready. he is interested in listening, but I wasnít ready at the time. And Nas has made public comments about me, but he hasnít contacted me personally.

AHH: Do you want another major label record deal?

Royce da 5í9Ē: Iím going to get one. Thatís the plan with this album. We are going to finish it, shop it and find the right place for me.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing it. I'd be interested to see what he could come up with with a Diddy and Bad Boy influenced album.