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Update: The episode with the confrontation has aired. Here is a liveblog and here are my thoughts.

You can check out the article at the New York Daily News. It has quotes from the respective attorneys of Diddy and Ms. Gibson.

Basically, Laurie Ann Gibson filed a complaint with the NYPD on the 11th saying that she got into an argument with Diddy and Michael Bivins during a April 25 filming of Making the Band. Why do you file on May 11 if it happened on April 25? She says that Bivins grabbed her while Diddy grabbed a chair to hit her with. From the article:

Bivins then allegedly grabbed her while Diddy picked up a chair and threatened her. She said she broke free, tried to run and Bivins allegedly grabbed her once again. Then she left, the complaint stated.

Gibson's attorney, Peter Toumbekis, said that the filming of the finale has been delayed because of this issue.

Meanwhile, on the flip side, "sources close to Diddy" say he didn't grab a chair, that the argument was just for television and that Gibson took it too seriously. Diddy's attorney, Benjamin Brafman, called it a "false accusation". The article also cites sources who said that Diddy fired Gibson during the argument and yelled for the MTV cameras to be turned off.

The article notes that a spokesperson for the NYPD said that the allegation had been investigated and that no crime had been found - so the case was closed.

Could it be just for TV? When the New York Daily News reports something as a fact with a report that includes Diddy's attorney, Gibson's attorney and an NYPD spokesperson, you'd tend to believe it wasn't. Although, who knows. It will have the side effect of probably raising the ratings, however.