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We've already reported an official tracklist back in January as well as a majority of production notes last June, but Jordan's MySpace has some additional background info about tracks on the album.

The outcome of this collaboration is Just Watch Me, a rock ‘n’ roll anthology that delivers universal truths about everything from confidence and friendship to heart break and love. The album kicks off with the defiant title track which taunts detractors over a symphony of electric guitars with lyrical will power as she belts: “Not afraid of working hard/and there’ll never be a guarantee/but I believe I can be anything I want to be/No matter what you say/just watch me/I’ll do it/no matter what you say/I’ll do it/I’m flying no one is gonna clip my wings/just watch me/just watch me/can’t stop me!” Then there’s the equally spirited inspirational “Life’s Open Door,” which encourages one to be a risk-taker and explore limitless opportunities by pursuing his or her dreams while the mid-tempo, empowering anthem “Unnoticed” serves as a declaration to keep it moving after a heart break, because what your ex didn’t see the next person will. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl,” McCoy’s tribute to her mentor and big brother Diddy, addresses the unlikely partnership of two people from two different backgrounds coming together in perfect harmony. “I think Diddy and others wondered if a hip hop boy and a rock ‘n’ roll girl could actually work,” she says. “But we made it happen.” The album continues to fire up girl power with the track “I Don’t Need Boys,” which discourages relationships for the sole purpose of monetary gain and promotes chivalry and female independence. And McCoy flips the script with the candid breakup anthem “Next Ex-Boyfriend,” but expresses vulnerability with “On Saturday Night, (11:27),” that evaluates the hindsight of infidelity. A funky, rocked-out upgrade to Belinda Carlyle’s 1990 chart topper “I Get Weak” adds a bit of nostalgia while the sentimental ballad “Promise Me,” begs for a love that stands the test of time and distance. The encouraging “Always Friends” is a tribute to the maturation of friendships.