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From an interview with ODB's mom: You know, I was watching the Grammy incident last nite. He was very calm and professional when he took the mic…

Cherry Jones: Rage Against The Machine said, “Wouldn’t nobody do it but Dirty.” They said they loved it! I said, “All of y’all are stupid.” I said it [to Dirty] “It wasn’t nice of you to do that, either. Don’t you ever do that again in your life. I’ll tear your head up.” [Laughs] He was sober, you know… Really?

Cherry Jones: Really. On the way there, a limousine came and picked us up. He stopped at almost every corner and bought little bottles of water. He had nothing to drink that night. Nothing at all. So when he went up there, I felt bad, but I said “At least the boy is sober.” Puffy’s people had him hemmed up by the neck. His henchmen ain’t gonna hem up my doggone son. I said, “It’s time for me to fight.” He said, “Calm down mommy, everything is gonna be okay.” If Rusty don’t wanna fight, you know he’s sober! His bodyguards had him by the throat down there because of the comment he made: “Puffy’s good, but Wu-Tang’s the best.” After seeing him like that, I said, “Boy, he really need a drink!” [Laughs]