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So, it's been 10 years since Biggie passed. Today, my thoughts are with his family and everyone who was close to him.

When Biggie died, I was 12 years old. I don't even remember knowing about it, to be honest with you. I wasn't a Biggie fan, yet. Puff Daddy made me a Biggie fan. I got hooked on Bad Boy music in 1997. I'm not sure what the first track that I caught onto was... it may have been "Mo Money Mo Problems"... it may have been "I'll Be Missing You"... could have been "Feel So Good"... or maybe even "Can't Nobody Hold Me Down"... I forget, but it was all of them, truly. There was Puff Daddy, there was Mase... and there was The Notorious B.I.G. Puff Daddy made it so that I had to know Biggie.

After discovering Puff Daddy, I eventually made my way through the entire Bad Boy catalogue, including Biggie, from Life After Death to Ready to Die to guest appearances. And, at first, I liked some of it, but I wasn't into most of it, if I recall. As I got older, that changed. I got more into Biggie and became the big fan I am today. But, as you can see, I wasn't a fan of Biggie until after he died. Kind of a shame, really. But, I can't be mad I wasn't born 5 years earlier.

I've seen people say, in some tributes and over the years, obviously, that Biggie would be upset if he saw hip hop today. I've heard people say that he wouldn't do a song with so and so... wouldn't do a song with KoRn or Slim Thug or whoever was a featured artist on "Born Again" or "Duets: The Final Chapter". I don't think that's true. I think if we could ask him what he thinks, he'd be happy. Biggie was not someone to simply only work with a certain type of artist. I've read interviews, read articles and he seemed to me to be the type of the person who would experiment, try new things, innovate. Would he have wanted to do a song with KoRn? Who knows? Maybe not. But, I think simply dismissing it is to not fully understand what Biggie was, which was an artist.

When people say they miss Biggie, if they really do, there are two things that they miss. They miss the person - and they miss the artist.

Rest in peace.