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MTV has an article on "Life After Death":

"I can't tell you what his favorite song from Life After Death was," D-Dot continued, "but I know he loved 'Going Back to Cali,' I know he loved 'You're Nobody ('Til Somebody Kills You).' I know he loved the joint he was singing on, 'Playa Hater,' because he loved singing. He loved 'Ten Crack Commandments' because he knew that was hip-hop classic. When he finished that, he said, 'This is going to be a classic for n---as.' I think he knew that if he was around to support it, it could be possibly the biggest-selling album, close to Thriller sales. It still sold 10 million [copies,] and he was dead when it came out. Imagine if he was alive to support it and do the tours and movies that was set up for him. He never even got a chance to perform any songs on the album.

"He was a student of hip-hop, and he really just wanted to be the best MC ever. That's really the legacy of Biggie," D-Dot concluded.