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I've been waiting to talk about this as I wanted to try to make sure that the interview was genuine. Apparently, it is. So, head on over and give it a read.

This interview defies common sense. It's embarrassing. It's embarrassing for Bad Boy, it's embarrassing for everyone who worked on "Ridin High", but most especially, it's embarrassing for 8 Ball & MJG. In an interview released the day after your album is released, how do you complain about the label that released it and the producers that worked on it, out of the blue, and say that you want off of the label for your next release. How do you do that?

This interview really makes 8 Ball & MJG look stupid. How do you complain that Bad Boy is making you do things or trying to make you do things and then call it a "classic" and an album that your fans will "love"? Are you kidding me? "Working with different producers?" Come on. It's not like they're working with the Hitmen (although, I'd love to see that, myself). Check the credits. Diddy and Mario did one track for them. It's called "Alcohol P**** Weed". Oh, yeah. That's mainstream, alright! Looks like Diddy and Mario tried to make them go pop with that title. That'll be all over TRL. What a laugh.

The thing is, if I got to interview them, I'd put them on the spot with these comments. They talk about working with different producers as if they didn't want to. I'd like to ask them one by one, did you not want to work with this person? Did you not want to work with Bangladesh? Jazze Pha? Midnight Black? C.K.P. (Crown Kingz Productions)? DJ Toomp? DJ Nasty? Bigg D? SoulDiggaz? Shawty Redd? Gorilla Tek? You know what I bet? I bet they'd say "no, no... we love those guys." Or something like that. That would mean that this is just talk. And that would make it even worse.

Those guys are not producers that Bad Boy usually works with, either. In fact, with some of them, they have only worked on 8 Ball & MJG albums for Bad Boy. No other Bad Boy releases. Bad Boy knew what they were getting when they signed 8 Ball & MJG - and 8 Ball & MJG knew what they were getting into when they signed with Bad Boy. At the end of the day, I'd have to say that whatever Bad Boy tries to get them to do or suggests that they do is in an effort to make their album as successful as it can be. Pretty much no artist in the world gets to come in and say "well, I'm making the album I want, screw you." When you sign to a record label, you are now influenced by that record label because they are giving you money. That's the way it works. If you don't want to be influenced, don't take their money.

8 Ball & MJG have released 9 albums (or is it 10? I'm not sure). 7 of them before Bad Boy. 2 of those were RIAA certified gold. And that's it. 5 uncertified albums. Their first Bad Boy album was certified gold. Being certified gold is a huge deal for them because of the music they make and it's sales potential. We don't know how "Ridin High" will sell. But, even if it ends up uncertified, 50% of their Bad Boy albums will have been certified. Whereas about 29% of their albums before Bad Boy have been certified. Now, it's cool not to worry about sales and to just stay true to yourself - I'd say most artists try their best to do that - but why would you go so far as to go out of your way to sabotage your sales by giving such an interview?

If they have issues with Bad Boy and want to leave - whatever. Wait 6 months, work to promote this album and then do that stuff. How would you feel if you were Diddy, Bad Boy, a producer or someone else that worked on this album or is working to promote this album? It's unbelievable that they'd throw all of those people under the bus like this right after their album is released. It's crazy, it's embarrassing and it's a shame.