Check out our 8 Ball & MJG section for more posts about 8 Ball & MJG. has a review of "Ridin High:

This whole album is about whoopin a**, pimpiní h***, busting guns, strippers, cognac, blunts etc, etc but I like it. Itís well put together. The production presents a soundscape that is varied covering all regions of the south with crunk fight music, laid back chill music, downtempo seduction tracks, and bouncy club tunes. It becomes apparent Bad Boy South has a stable of producers cooking up heat about six tracks into the album. Lyrically, 8Ball and MJG wonít astound you or go over your head with complex similes and metaphors but provide simple straight forward lyrics but not so simple a 3 year old could spit them. The album could be about 4-5 tracks shorter but thereís enough heat on here to ride to through the summer. It looks like the living legends have found a cozy home with Bad Boy South and have managed to put together a dope down south album.

Via 8 Ball & MJG's MySpace.