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If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We gonna do us. We gonna do us. No matter what, you know what I'm saying. I think it's like a bunch of ouróit's like a compilation of all of our greatest underground s*** ever on this album, man. You know, the tracks are real big and the subject matter is just straight gutter, man, you know.

Nice. And who you guys working with in terms of production and features and stuff?

We got production from Lil Jon, Jazze Pha, Sean Dre. We got the title track "Ridin High," Big D from Miami did that. DJ Nasty from Orlando, he did the "Relax and Take Notes." Young Zo did the track "Clap On" with Yung Joc. Yeah. And we got Shorty Red, he produced a song called "Hickory, Dickory, Dock." DJ Toomp produced a song called "Worldwide." We got Juvenile on the album, Pimp C, Killer Mike. And just a lot of Eightball and MJG really, though, bro.

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