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The new issue of KING Magazine has a Biggie feature. In it, they attempt to clear up some myths and rumors about Biggie. See here for some info. One of them:

MYTH: Biggie was preparing to follow-up Life After Death with a triple album to expedite his departure from Bad Boy.
TRUTH: “It was just talk. His thing wasn’t trying to get out of Bad Boy. ‘Let me wrap my albums up and bounce on [Puff],’ Big wouldn’t have done that. Big was a loyal dude; back then, he and Puff had a relationship no matter what, beyond business. He could have taken Junior M.A.F.I.A. to Puff, and he would’ve signed us on the strength, but he wanted to get his own thing established, do for us like Puff was doing for him. He was
still gonna show loyalty to Puff, though.” —Lil’ Cease

Via jim_bean at Notorious Online.