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I just wanted to highlight this from's interview with T'Yanna Wallace:

Quinton: How is your relationship with Diddy?

T'Yanna: That's my uncle Puff, I love him. He's busy a lot though. When he doesn't get to talk to me or my brother as much as he can I know it's not personal. It's because he's really busy all the time, but I love him for that.

Quinton: You know Puff is a hustler!

T'Yanna: [Laughs] Yeah!

I just thought it was nice to hear. After Biggie died (especially after the first few years of him being gone), some people really got into speculating all sorts of nonsense. Biggie wanted to leave Bad Boy, Biggie wasn't friends with Diddy, Biggie wanted to sign to Death Row, etc. etc. etc. At the end of the day, if you listen to what Biggie said himself, you get a pretty clear picture.