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As an update to our previous articles, a BBC article mentions that the judge actually did rule that the use of Diddy on MySpace and YouTube is a violation of the agreement.

Lord Justice David Kitchen ruled the use of the name Diddy on the MySpace and YouTube websites was a breach of the agreement but Mr Combs' control over them would now be the subject of a full High Court hearing, which has been scheduled for October. ...

A spokesman for P Diddy described the decision not to issue an injunction against the rapper as a "victory for common sense".

This is also kind of funny, where the judge broke down the lyrical content of "The Future".

The judge ruled: "The second verse (of the song) refers to Mr Combs as 'Diddy' as he invites the listener to 'mainline this new Diddy heroin'. Mr Combs expressly refers to iTunes and asks the listener to 'Download me in every resident'. He refers to his CD as 'my CD's in 3-D holograms', and finally refers to his shows with the words, 'the live show's a hard act to follow, man'.

"I see this as straightforward advertisement by Mr Combs of his CD, his songs which can be downloaded from iTunes and his live shows, all under and by reference to the word 'Diddy'."

lol. Good stuff. Of course, Diddy can be Diddy in all countries that are not the United Kingdom, as far as I know. So, the lyrics aren't important... on any CDs that are released outside of that country.