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In an interview today with Charlie Rose, Jay-Z has the following to say about Diddy's production prowess. Watch below for a clip with this quote as well as Jay talking about the creation of the tracks (he said that Diddy actually had about 30 tracks), Biggie and more.

Jay-Z: ... He made the foundation to which all the other producers produced into. Because I would play it for the producers and say, "it has to fit in this, it has to sound like this - sonically, it has to have this sound on it." And, the great thing about Puff, what I really realized is, he's a great producer. I've always known this, but it really brought me back-

Rose: Many people think that's what he does best. He thinks that's what he does best.

Jay-Z: I think that's what he does best. It made me realize that he's not a good producer - he's a great producer. And he's produced "Ready to Die" and "Life After Death" and Mary J. Blige's album, Jodeci's album and, you know, I start getting these tracks back and I'm like, who's doing this? He's a director. He's like, "it's like Motown over there in my studio, I got horn sessions...". I mean, the things that he added after the lyrics was on there - you had to hear the bare tracks. The bare tracks were great tracks, but what he added after it, made it a movie and made it complete.

I don't know what else there is to say.

Via HipHopDX.