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Jay-Z kicked off his tour on Tuesday night at the Hollywood House of Blues, bringing out Diddy during his encore set.

After performing “Big Pim***’,” Jay-Z says, “Thank you, I had a good time.” STOP!! Jay, I love “Big Pimpin’ ” but I know you ain’t going to go out like that. The band begins to play again, so Jay-Z cuts and you know he’s going to come back. About 15 minutes later, a voice goes, “We don’t have to go home!” — it’s Jay! Back onstage for “What More Can I Say,” followed by the final guest appearances of the night: Jermaine Dupri and the world’s greatest hype man, P. Diddy. You know Diddy had to get a mic even though he didn’t quite know all the words to the song, but the crowd barely noticed because they were back to head-bobbing and hand-waving. To close it out, Jay called for Beans and Freeway to come back up but Beans was literally in the middle of the crowd so he asked Freeway to hold him down on the final song, “Roc Boys.”