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There will be no criminal charges filed on the Steven Acevedo assault case against Diddy (which I've written about many times), according to the New York Daily News:

Officials said Acevedo would not cooperate with law enforcement and had given various versions of the event.

"For those reasons, we cannot prove any charges beyond a reasonable doubt," said Barbara Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney's office.

Diddy's attorney, Benjamin Brafman, released this statement to Access Hollywood:

“I’ve been informed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that after a thorough investigation, they have made a decision not to authorize any arrests in connection with the incident involving Mr. Combs and Steven Acevado on October 13. I want to commend the DA’s office and the New York City Police Department for conducting a thorough and very fair investigation into this incident and not allowing this private disagreement between two acquaintances to turn into a criminal charge.”

The New York Post has this:

Acevedo's attorney, Mark Jay Heller, said his client chose to take the "high road" because he believes in "good Karma."

Whatever it was, whatever happened behind the scenes, the situation appears to be resolved.