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Today on Oprah, Diddy has announced/is announcing (depending on what time it comes on in your area) the results of his publicly held search for a new personal assistant.

Thanks to Oprah's website, we know the answer. Diddy will choose Heather, who describes herself as follows:

"I think I should have this job because my experience as a lawyer, a return Peace Corps volunteer, and my wide scope of professional experiences, I believe make me uniquely qualified to serve Mr. Combs. I'm very humble and not unwilling to take the role of assisting him because I understand who the star is in this relationship and I'm willing to support him in the way that he needs."

Her video is below. She went over the 3 minutes that Diddy asked that everyone stay under.

Congratulations to her.

Diddy also announced that VH1 has signed on for a reality show where he will be looking to hire three additional assistants, so everyone who may be interested is still encouraged to post their application videos on YouTube.