Check out our Diddy/Dirty Money section for more posts about Diddy/Dirty Money. has an interview with Diddy on Ciroc deal. What are some of your ideas for the marketing campaign if you aren't planning on gearing it toward the hip-hop community?

Diddy: Step one in the advertising campaign would just be to get the name recognition out there. Getting it recognized and getting it known that Ciroc is pronounced "S-ur-rock." [For people] to know that, they can request it at a bar and its level of luxury. That's an ultra-premium vodka. It's not a regular three-tiered vodka and that it is affordable. It's separate because it is the only vodka made by French grapes. Other vodkas are distilled by potatoes. So, it'd be getting that information out there. Phase one.

The next phase is to make it known for New Years Eve and the holidays, that this is the drink of choice. This is a time when people are going to be celebrating, having parties, trying new beverages. This is a time when they would organically try Ciroc. And that it is available and it's The Official Vodka Of New Years Eve, because Diddy said so. And I'm not really wrong when it comes to this party stuff.