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RWD has an interview with DJ Drama where he mentions Diddy while talking about his own struggles.

Due to that whole situation, did anything to do with your business end up being affected negatively?
Nah. It basically just affected my business positively. I think it put me on a larger scale. I did a lot of traveling, I got booked for a lot of international gigs and you know the mixtape game as a whole slowed down, so that was a definite turn of events. But I think that's slowly but surely coming back to life, because of people like myself and a lot of other people are putting in a lot of work to bring the game back to life. I'm a firm believer that mixtapes will never die. But overall it didn't affect my business in any negative way.

At the end of the day, the stories in the media are always full of half truths and you're always going to have up's and you're always going to have down's. You got to take the good with the bad. A prime example would be Puffy. Look how many things Puff has been through? I've used this example before but let's just say he would have quit after the riot at that basketball game? Then he would never have started 'Bad Boy' records. Let's say he would have quit after Biggie got killed, let's say he quit after the trail for the gun charges? You can't let any type of controversy stop you from doing what you love.