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I interviewed B5 today at around 2:15 PM for a bit over fifteen minutes. I was armed with forty seven of your questions with the idea of asking them as many as I possibly could within the time that I was given. I jam packed it as best as I could, getting thirty two questions in, which is more than I thought I'd be able to get in. Every single question asked (except for follow up questions) was taken from the question suggestions that you made. This will definitely be an interview that the fans will enjoy, just like our last one.

It's pretty challenging to pick all of them out of the interview audio just because there are five of them and they sound a lot alike at times, but they did identify themselves a lot, so it shouldn't be too, too bad. But, in any case, I'll be posting the audio from the interview a few days or so after the interview is published. So, if I get any of them incorrect, I'm sure that it'll be pointed out. :)

Thanks again to everyone who submitted questions.