Check out our Bad Boy Records section for more posts about Bad Boy Records. has an interview with Sean C. and LV: Puffy is listed as the producer for the tracks that you two actually produced. What percentage would you say that Puffy actually contributed?

Sean C: He helped put everything together. He was in the studio with us working on material. Puff also helped formulate things, and make the records big. He made [the tracks] sound epic and more like a movie. He would even guide the musicians. Overall, the production on the project was a collaborative effort between the three of us. Working with Puff in production, people are considering you two to be his new "Hitmen," are you trying to take things back to the Bad Boy Era?

LV: No, we're just taking it to where it needs to be at. Right now it needs to be on number one. We just trying to make good music. Ok, let me rephrase myself, are you trying to take it back to the time when Bad Boy was all over the radio and you heard nothing else

Sean C: Hell yeah! But this time we gonna take it where its Grind Music Hitmen.

Via Theo in the forums.