Check out our Cassie section for more posts about Cassie. has a great interview with Cassie where she talks about the upcoming album and her experiences so far.

AHHA: Who have you been working with on this album, as far as producers or guest appearances?

Cassie: I have no guest appearances so far; I’m sure that will come once we finish up and finalize the track listing and things like that. As far as producers, I’ve got to work with Puffy which hasn’t happened before, which is really, really cool. He’s really been hands-on with this project. I worked with Ryan Leslie of course again, I worked with Kanye, I worked with Eric Hudson, Brian Cox. Lterally I worked with a whole roster of talent. Last night I got the opportunity to work with a writer by the name of Jim Beanz, we had met before but had never really been familiarized properly.

I’m working with Danja and I was telling him, “You know that song ‘Perfect Lover’ on Britney’s album, I love it.” He was just like, “Oh cool,” and then I was telling Puffy that on his album I love “After Love” with Keri Hilson and I just found out yesterday that Jim Beanz wrote both of them. Those are two songs that I absolutely, completely love so I’m really excited to work with [Jim].